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Heather's Last Missive

Type of Missve: private letter
Date: March 7-8, 1011
Responses: no

I'm very frightened.
The Shadows want to eat my Soul.
I'm trying to be brave... but I'm not very brave.
I'm no hero. Just a broken-headed girl who hears voices.
I don't want to die. I could have run to someone -
but that would have made the shadowman hungry for bigger game.

The Shadowman, Greer, is trying to unweave the world. Trying to open gateways from all planes to ours.
When he makes gateways to the Negative Energy plane, he kills a god's priest.
He has a powerful blade - a tool imbued with some of the essence of his 'god' - it unweaves things.
This weapon is what makes the holes, what makes the gateways.
You will need to find the weapon, and unmake it.

I'm out of time.

Thank you for caring enough to come.

- Heather
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