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Message from the Voices

Type of Missve: General
Date: February 27th, 1011 M.R.
Responses: none
(Meta: the hand writing is in a shaky, child-like scrawl.)

The Voices only let me say so much, in so many ways.

The Voices are sad that the wolves didn’t listen, and still run without the world. So they asked me to sing to the world instead. Even thought it might mean rocks.

There is a Red Tide in the west, building a fortress to attack the world. They grow in strength and numbers each passing day. They know where you are now, and though it might be possible to pull the leech from the first wound, more are seeking the lifeblood of the world. Only by going to the well spring would you be able to stop the flood.

The Circle of Servant of Madness remains in the forest, but they are not idle. Though the Rat is not with them, the Circle is still strong. The Servant of Madness makes slow headway in destroying the Dam. The Mistress of Poison weaves with a newfound respect for Wolves, but this doesn’t deter or blunt her goals. The Servant of Unweaving finds new ways to strike without movement. And the Circle of Madness is not the only Circle. The others move more carefully, more subtly.

The Angel of Death will be contacted soon, and accords might be wrought at that meeting. But the Angel has his own agenda, and if the emissaries have misread them, this might go better than you hope – but if the emissaries understand his Purpose, this might be a terrible threat. You might do well to find the Angel before they do. But be wary, if you have misread him, you could make the same fatal mistake.

The Mad Baron of Eagles is aware that you have been speaking of him. His Pattern is still here, and he still has eyes in his head, ears to listen with. The Rune on the Stone was not the only one left behind. For now, he is content to remain in his Aerie, but be wary, lest he become stirred to take arms against you.

The World is fraying. Fragmenting. The Shapers divide it, change it, remake it. The Unmakers wait.

The Wolves are not the only ones that run without the world. Others, too, make their mistake.

Sing to the World. Even though it might mean rocks.

That is the nature of Courage, and Selflessness.

It is said that the gift of your life is the greatest gift – but to live with the consequences of your Sacrifices, of your Choices, despite the rage others might display, despite the pain those Choices incur, that might be the greater, more noble path. To Die is easy. To Live with the uncertainty, pain or ridicule - that takes resolve, courage, and strength. Live and be Heroes.
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