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-By Tara Harkon
Written for the trial of To

Basic Summary

The bain-dogs are hunter creatures created by Malchior Rivenquest and others in the Red Arrow Emporium. The creatures are made of a bainen that has been accepted into an unwilling host. The host is then tortured and corrupted by the bainen. The Bain-Dogs are seeking to destroy the Ichigiritorrenin and any shrines or temples to the KalenDral.

Also known as Bain-Hounds or The Hunt.

How to Defeat to Bain-Dogs
In order to defeat a Bain-Dog, you must be one of those its hunts, since Bain-Dogs are of a type of creature commonly known as hunter-killers. Any weapon may be brought against the Bain-Dogs, but only its target, any of the Ichigiritorrenin, will be able to harm any of the Dogs. Bain-Dogs, when enfeebled, vanish. We have no reason to believe at this time that those Bain-Dogs are killed. the Bain-Dogs are enchanted and will not attempt to attack an Ichigiritorrenin in a circle of protection.

The Creation of the Bain-Dogs
The Bain-Dogs were created by one Malchior Rivenquest and his three followers: Riven, Greer and Skaven. They are currently standing as supporters of the KalkreBain, similar in concept to the Kathrani who support the KalenDral. They have formed a circle of four and used the power of the KalkreBain to host Bainen in unwilling mortal shells and then twist the corrupt the mortal shells so that they could create the Bain-Dogs. The mortal shell is killed to put the Bainen into the shell. Doing this raises the mortal long enough for them to be tortured and twisted. The Bain-Dogs were created for the purpose of destroying the Ichigirithorrenin and any temples or shrines to the KalenDral. They also exist to protect Malchior Rivenquest in his trek to destroy, corrupt and taint the temples and Ichigiritorrenin.

The Current Status of the Bain-Dogs
(as of Thursday, the 30th of December, 1010)
The Bain-Dogs numbered 6 when we encountered them on the 4th of December, 1010. 5 were enfeebled and vanished. The 6th was slain by myself and Rorin. The 5 enfeebled Bain-Dogs have been seen since in the act of attacking Ichigiritorrenin.
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