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Dame Gil's Journal

Author: Dame GIl
Place/Gathering Discovered: Fairhaven
Date: unknown
Transcribed by: Porunn Smior of Fairhaven

Set out on my walkabout today. Sat up on the hill and watched the sun rise over Fairhaven Keep, which brought tears to my eyes. It has been my home for 15 years, and Iíll miss it very much. But it is time to move on. Iíve been feeling stagnated for a while now, and (I) hope my journey will revive my spirits and, hopefully, my will to go on. Prince Bob gave me that land, and what once was the entire region between Valehaven and Fenmore, to stave off war between the two nations. I named it Fairhaven because I wished the nation to be known for its sense of honor and justice.

Iíve guarded the land for many years and have successfully kept the two nations from ever warring. Now that the two nations have finally waned, I feel (that) I can release the land to someone (who) will take care of it.

I wish Frederick well in his new duties as Duke of Fairhaven. Heís been the driving force to bring the place back to life. Heís a good leader, and the new crew will do well by him.

People have been asking me about my decision to pass the land of Fairhaven on. What people donít realize is this; there will always be another evil to fight, another monster to slay, another invasion to repel- another spell to break, another village to save, another princess to rescue. The balance of good and evil is a hard one to maintain, and over the years it has taken its toll on me. My time of battling the forces of evil has worn me over the years. Now that there is new a cadre of heroes in the Realms it is time for me to Ö how can I say it Ö become ďmore.Ē It is up to the other to make or break the Realms, and reshape it into a kinder, gentler, place. And I hail them for their efforts. I wish them the best of luck, and hope they succeed in their endeavors.

My old bones now feel the cold more often of late. I set out not knowing where the road will take me, and find myself steering towards the gargoyle caves. Itís been a while since weíve seen any stirrings from them, and I often wonder what theyíre up to down there. They werenít happy to have us steal that egg. Perhaps I shall do some exploring, and make sure they are well sealed down below the ground.

My old bones are creaking with the morning cold. Fall has begun in earnest now. I could see my breath as the morning darkness softened.

It took a few days, but I managed to find an old air vent, leading straight down into the earth. Itíll be hard to climb down that hole. Iíll need to assemble the proper climbing equipment. Shouldnít take long to get everything together for the climb.

Had a dream last night, canít remember it though. But the feeling it left me with was one of exhilaration. Iíll have to think about it moreÖ and see if I can remember any of it.

Climbed down into the hole today. It was raining last night, so I think Iíll pack up camp and move down into one of the lower passageways.

After 100í there is a passageway that intersects the shaft. Explored that for a few hours. Some sections underwater, others too slippery to walk on. No evidence of recent activity-where there isnít thick slime covering everything thereís dust. Not a nice place to go. Must remember to take fresh water with me next time.

Now to wash up and scrape the slime off the gearÖ

Ok, Iíve gone about as far as I can down there. Most of the area appears to have been created naturally, with pathways and walkways later sculpted into the rock.

There are some of the most beautiful and colorful formations down there I have ever seen. Had to stop myself in several places from stepping off the pathwaysÖ If Iíd gone down some of those cliff sides it would have been nearly impossible to climb back out.

Anyways, back in one of the lower caverns, there is a waterfall where a pathway walks behind the water. Itís very beautiful, and the luminescent fungus sets off the transparency of the thin sheet of water as it slides past.

Because of the small refractions of the water, I didnít see it at first. It took a while, but while staring at the sheet of water, I came to focus on a type of strange writing, similar to that in the cave above. I made some notes and translated it when I had a moment.

ďBeyond this point lies the breach through the gates of stone. Cross the threshold to the territory of the gargoyles. Friends are bid welcome, enemies embrace death.Ē


The trouble is, there are sharp rocks below the waterfall, in the pool below. When I tossed a stone through the curtain it just fell through and hit the rocks. I canít imagine just stepping through only to fall to my death.

But there was a symbol below the writings, one I seem to have seen before somewhere. Probably will come to me when my mind is on something else I suppose. Tired now, must sleep.

Seems I remember that symbol from Storm Haven.

I guess itís off to the ruins of Strom Haven! Hopefully being there will jog my memory.

Ok, the last few days have been interesting.

I took the time to go over the ruins of Storm Haven then went over them again.

And again.


I still remember that sigil from somewhere here. Just is frustrating not to find it.

Ran into a pack of wolves the other day. They were chasing geese out of the moat. Saw me and didnít pay me any mind. There are (is) also a pair of swans that have taken up residence there. They are a mated pair, and are both beautiful. I wonder if theyíre going to fly away come winter to try and stick it out here.

Going to resupply, maybe hunt a bit, and do some research on the old ruins.

The research proved a bit helpful. They reference an old section of the fortifications that are not readily seen from the rest of the ruins. The scribe documents that there is an old underground part to the structure, that was used to store goods and armaments. Iím going to be hitting the ruins with a shovel soon, and then weíll see if I can find where the scribe was referring.

Hunting was good, there are plenty of geese this time of year, heading south for the winter. And the deer are plentiful. Iíve made a place to hang meat, and am working on a small abode of my own, to spend the winter in if need be. It seems Iím spending a lot of time out here, and there are too many cold night these days.

It looks like the swans are going to remain this winter Ė at least they havenít left yet. Theyíre nesting on the other side of the pond from me, in the reeds on the embankment. The water of the pond is warm enough to create a fog in the cold mornings, and itís quite a sight to see. The swans sail out into eyesight. Itís kind of like seeing them sail through the clouds.

Now that Iíve returned from civilization, I find myself welcoming the quiet of the forest. Itís given me time to try and figure out the next phase of my life. Where I want to go and what I want to do are still up in the air. I may go back north and see what happened to my familyÖ then again I may wind up exploring the southlands and seeing what wonders are to behold there


Found It!

Went down into the ruins, and had to dig. But I found the missing chamber! It was deep within the ruins, and I had to shift quite a bit of rock to get there. But I found the sigil on a chest in one on (of) Sianiís old antechambers.

In the box was a set of pendants, the kind that one wears around the neck. On one of the pendants was the sigil matching the one on the waterfall. The rest were different, like they went to something else. There was also a scroll in the box as well. Itís decayed ad part of if destroyed, but I did the best I could with it. Iíve done some translation, and it says (roughly)
ďÖThank you for your kindness inÖ
Ö the gates of Ö
Ö open to you to come and to into our kingdom as Ö
Ö speak the word of greeting and put your trust in Ö
ÖYours in Peace,
King Ferrig of the Gargoyles.Ē

Iím assuming that each pendant is tied to a place somewhere here, which leads (possibly) to somewhere else. Iím going to take the pendant with the sigil in the waterfall, and put the rest back. They are safer here, as my current abode is less than secure. Iíll re-bury the entrance and try and conceal it as best as possible.

It works!

I traveled back underground, and made a few guesses as to the appropriate gargoyle word, each time putting my hand through the curtain of water.

The password is: Dtryll

One must speak the word and pass through the gate, as it only stays open for a small length of time.

I cannot wait to go through the gate and see whatís on the other side! First I must assemble the appropriate provisions, to prepare for the journey!

I am so excited, but I must get a good nightís rest before trying the gate.

It was wondrous on the other side!

I stepped through the gate, and was whisked away to a chamber, similarly underground. My lamp caught the many colors and crystals that the dampness had deposited over the years. Itís quite a sight to see! Without light I could sort of see different shades of black and dark grey, so I kept the lamp in front of me to make sure I didnít walk off any cliffs or overhangs.

The chamber is one of a vast network. They seem to go on and on for a great while. There were also signs of life, so I kept a low profile and scouted around.

The tracks were similar to those made by gargoyles. Iím not sure how theyíd react to me, but since I didnít know why they had taken me in the first place (I was rescued by Fredrick) I wasnít going to go find one of them and say ďhi,Ē I turned down the lamp as much as possible.

Stalactites, stalagmites, sulfur pools, crystal wallsÖ and things I canít even describe here. Iíve seen a sight so beautiful!

There was an air vent that led upward, presumable to somewhere above ground. But the sides were so slippery I couldnít get purchase to climb up and see.

After a while my lantern was running low, so Iíve returned to the Realms to resupply. Next time Iíll be sure to take more oil for the lamp, and torches to help me get farther.

Iíve been mapping out where Iíve been in the chambers and tunnels, but there were so many twists and turns Iím not sure if the map is completely accurate. Iím doing my best with directions on the map, though the loadstone I had brought with me turned out to be useless.

I wish I had thought to bring some potions to let me see in the dark. Theyíre still at the Keep. Oh well, Iíll make do with what I have.

That was close. I found a colony of gargoyles. They are fantastic creatures in and of themselvesÖ they are every bit as heavy as the stone they are made of.

They are both strong and fast, and very smart as well. One of them almost discovered my hiding place. I was very worried for a while until she got bored and went away. It was a very young snake gargoyle, and I assume it could smell enough of my scent to attract its attention. That time I was well enough concealed, but if I werenít so lucky who knows what would have happened.

Iíll make a copy of the map and leave it in the shelter, just in case. And Iíll have to copy the journal sometime too, although I donít have another journal book so Iíll have to wait until I get back to civilization to pick up another one.

They were waiting for me!
When I stepped through the gate I found it guarded! I ran for it, but they are fast + tough creatures. I was small enough to scrabble through one of the fissures, but my way back is blocked by the gargoyles. And my arms are torn up by my side through the rock.

I lost my lantern in my bid to escape.

I can hear them searching for me, and am pressing further into the darkness, in the hope of loosing them. But some of them have extraordinary senses, so Iím afraid it will just be a matter of time. They can smell the blood from my wounds.

With each passing minute, there are more and more gargoyles joining the search.

I tried to circle back to the gate, but theyíve put up a rough fence of iron in front of the thingÖ

The spaces may be long enough for me to squeeze through, but only if I have a few seconds alone at the gate.

The alternatives are to stand + fight Ė there are to many of them for that Ė or keep going farther away from the area. I might be able to do that, but only as a last resort Ė as my food supply is limited, there are flora in the caverns that arenít made of stone but they look very strange, and are likely poisons to humans.

Iíve decided to try and distract the guards at the gate and make a run for whatever I do, I have to make my move soon or risk being captured. Whatever I do, I canít risk them finding the pendant on me. If they know how to get through the gate it would pose a great risk to the people of Fairhaven and the Realms. If I donít make it Iíll try and toss the pendant and the journal through the gate, so these I hold dear stay safe.
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