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Knights of Fairhaven

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1) Honorable Service freely rendered
IC and OOC a knight serves the Realms as a whole in whatever capacity they can. If they see something that needs doing, it gets done, with no expectation of reward.

2) Death before Dishonor
IC and OOC rule. Character death is demanded rather than dishonor to the Order. Using the Order to further ones ambitions, to influence others to one’s own purposes, denouncing the Order in detail and without good cause, This “does not” include expressing disagreements with policy or practice, nor does it include withdrawal due to philosophical conflicts.

3) Defense of any charge unto Death
IC rule; if you are given charge to defend or protect an individual, then a knight would die rather than surrender willingly.

4) Loyalty to the Realms and its populous at large
OOC and IC a Knight gives their loyalty only to the Realms as a whole and to its populace at large. No knight bends the knee to any king, prince, baron or what have you. Loyalty to the Realms comes before all other concerns, including country. Inability to do this results in release from the Order. One of the Great Offences a member can commit. Note that this loyalty is not to be construed as loyalty to the Law of the Realms, but to the common weal of the Realms. Laws must at times be changed, not sot he common weal.

5) Aid to those in Need
OOC and IC Speaks for itself, but this is really applicable to those newly entering the Realms. Knights should shelter and guide these people to help them become a part of the greater whole. This is also applied to handling IC and OOC confrontations. We are to mediate all such conflicts and try to present a just compromise.

6) Courage in combat
IC and OOC Need I say more? Cowardice just to survive is ridiculous. The recognition is more OOC than IC, so the belt carries to your new character as long as you yourself are worthy of wearing it. Combat isn’t always physical.

7) Justice to all
IC and OOC Again, self-explanatory. A knight does not favor anyone when rendering a decision. If he/she feels they cannot do this, then find a knight who can.

8) Your word is your bond
IC and OOC A knight speaks only truth. No gossip, no character assassination, no hubris or arrogance.

9) Destroy Corruption Wherever Found
IC and OOC A Knight’s wrath undoes the wicked. This is true mandate. To confront and risk all for what is right despite popular ideas is the essence of service and defense. Only with this may we prevent a slide into discontent and disruption.

10) Gracious conduct
IC and OOC NO trouble here. At the same time, very hard when we are angry, or feel slighted. Still, no knight worthy of the title behaves in an arrogant or superior manner to anyone. Humility is the watchword. Behave with Grace at all times and under all circumstances.
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