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Duchy of Fairhaven

To the east of Glenndale lies a section of land known as Duchy of Fairhaven. This parcel was given to Dame Gil by Robert II, Prince of the Realms. As reward for her service to the Realms.

No one knew where Gil came from. Some say she appeared on the spot when the Realms was created, some say she rode in from a far away land. Those that do know her say that she was here from The Beginning. She survived the days of the Lost Chest quests, fought in every Duke of Glenndale event, and faithfully protected the Realms from invasion from the forces of evil. She fought side by side with Tristan, Tardell, Meg, Jarrod, Eldritch, Aaron, Morgan, Decion, Lady Anne and other noble Realmsmen in defense of the land. She was given the mantle Dame Gil, Knight of the Realms, by Prince Robert II, and was appointed a guardian of the Realms. She marshaled tourneys, settled disputes, and maintained honor throughout the land. For her valor, Prince Robert II created The Duchy of Fairhaven, and made her duchess thereof. In her time she took on a number of squires, and trained them to be Knights of Fairhaven. They know she worshipped the god Jonna-deere, and held stag parties in his honor, but not much else is known about the antlers she held on her green and gold shield.
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