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Uncle Cecil 09

It was cold and snow was predicted by the seers. The day started off slowly, but quickly turned interesting as bois started fighting their way INTO the tavern. We quickly found out that a new bois gate had opened due to Nega-zula. In addition, there were pieces of a device around that the bois had destroyed due to it's boi destroying properties. We went questing throughout the day gathering the pieces to the device. While not much of interest occurred during this part, we discovered a new type of bois who can drain magic out of those able to use magic. It is distinctive in looks such that it had a bit of blue on it's face, dangling. It also seemed to have the tenancy to go after spellcasters if it had the chance. A tactic a few times was to leave a open path to a dagger caster such that it would run between fighters, and die in getting to the caster. Throughout the day, we saw a gem of some sort on some of the bois which we eventually got off of them, and it appeared to be pure bedlam. After constructing the device, we found it would transform a caster's magic missiles into light missiles, which effected Nega-zula. This greatly angered it, and it tried destroying those it found who had the device while dead. We continued to harm Nega-zula but it eventually escaped when it realized it was going to die.

The party that night was fun. The casino's were open, alcohol was flowing, dancers danced, songs were sung, and gifts were swapped. Father Christmas even showed up with gifts for various nations. A sword named for their nation, made of ice and light to fight against bois. Only two nations were not present (Aeranor and Grimloch). The nations that were present were Blackwood, Creathorn, Chimeron, Folkestone, Rhiassa, Val Darra, The Barony of Banecroft, Eagles rook, and Ivory. The two nations not present may recieve their sword next year if they are there. We were told that bedlam fears the order we have. Zula was also called up to be talked with telling him to be careful with the title Lightbringer he has for if he takes another, he'll lose the one he currently has. Shortly thereafter, we used the swords to destroy the gem of bedlam. Partying went on for the rest of the night.

The next morning it became apparent at just how much snow had fallen the previous year. A note was received leading us to Wayland. We followed it through many areas, with demons, humans, fae creatures, and furies. Wayland had been making furies out of what seemed to be bits of bedlam. We showed up, and destroyed the bedlam, but Wayland walked casually away with some of the furies.
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