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Feast of Chimeron XVII

A personal account of Feast of Chimeron XVII by Janus Kil'tra

Every year it seems that with the coming of Feast of Chimeron, a threat arises also. King Pyr talked on this briefly as he greeted all who showed up well before the feast was scheduled to start on Saturday, and it was a good thing that he did, for a threat arrived shortly after. The militia's warning bell went off as a militia-man came to warn us of "inky black creatures" attacking from the western gate. The heroes went off into that direction and found bois entering from the west gate, and we held them back there until we realized they must be coming from somewhere. We pushed forward and found a rift where bedlam tore a hole in reality. Samuel Copperweight had a light grenade he handed off to somebody saying "the activation word is "Splendins luminum" which translated to "Spledid light" if I remember correctly. Nos got the egg and threw it into bedlam, nearly falling in himself. The egg exploded within bedlam, closing the rift. Shrapnel from the light grenade started falling, which we collected throughout the day. According to Samuel Copperweight, the grenade should have closed the rift and prevented others rifts from opening, but others did open. Lacking the previous grenade of light, we were told we had to make another out of the fragments that we were finding. We also would need a core of quicksilver. Rel, Ged and I went looking in one direction while Rorin and Gryf looked in the other. Everyone else stayed back to stave back bedlam. We met up with Gryff on opposite sides of the Chimeronean wall where a vein of quicksilver was, each group checked opposite sides of the wall. Gryff returned to give the quicksilver to people. Each grenade was made around the core of treated quicksilver and had 6 unique pieces (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple) of other light grenades completely enveloping the quicksilver. Several gates appeared this way, but all got destroyed by light grenades. Eventually, the idea was formed to strengthen reality as we closed the gate and threw the light grenade in. Rel performed a ritual while Laraunte threw a light grenade in who's core was made out of an reality egg. The baron also called to his ancestors to help aid in this task. After the gate was sealed, no new ones opened, and we had time to enjoy the feast.

The feast was as good as it is every year, which means to say, really good. Court was held and many things of note happened: Rel announced that he was putting on a play at this years black and white, auditions at green and gold; The magi of the realms inducted 3 new members, Zula, Faelinn, and Rel; Naijiro (I apologize if I spelt that wrong) joined Fairhaven after his petitioning process; Rev was sent by Calladin to offer a trade for Harlest, either a particular shield or a temple to be built to him, and thankfully the King refused; Avandar came up and asked Gryf to become the next Correllian which he agreed to. Following general business, Chimeronean court had several important developments: Quinn and Valerie joined the Chimeronean militia; Tara and Mikail joined the Azure Guard; Pax Tharkus had Geophary, Kyomi, and Metron join their ranks; Rel formed Clan Rua Thar Cinn which Ged and Myself promptly joined; finally Oliver joined Chimeron and took the role of looking over people In Service to the Crown and gave a gift to the king, a new coin which the king dubbed a "Monarch" which he values at 1/5 of a rowan.

After the feast a ritual was done to help fix Zula. Simultaneously many fae felt Wayland magic's rising as Puck had shown up. As the ritual to fix Zula finished, he lead us to the tomb of Tristan the Lightkeeper. We fought many bois on our way there to find that it was Tristan's sacraficed that allows us to continue our quest. Voices appeared in peoples heads asking them to choose someone to not flinch in the light. Alduan (once again, I am sorry if I got this spelling wrong) was chosen, and did not flinch. He retrieved a wax wrapped package from within a building as we delt with golems. The golems had to have their gears torn out to build a bigger golem to destroy them. The package Alduan recovered was a very old book which Rel found was a story which we need to tell Them, and it's our best hope.

I left to defend the western flank for the night, but was informed of weird happenings, which other people should write about.

Sunday odd creatures appeared entering Chimeron, and we chased them through various portals. It was revealed that the creatures were lesser forms of the abominations that brought down Gwiddeons Tower. To get through each portal, we had to know the password, which was an anagrammed phrase, usually having to do with Chimeron, but not always (ELEVEN PLUS TWO for example). After the final gate, we encountered the black star guild, who just summoned another creature who escaped, while the black star guild members were not so fortunate.

This recounts my memories of the seventeenth feast of Chimeron.
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