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KOEF Questing 09

KoEF Questing, 2009

Once again, we found ourselves within the Nexus, but this time instead of a tie to the end of reality, there was a tie to Hell in the magic of the land. There was a fortune teller who was informing people of what gates would open, and where they would lead.

Please, fill in what I missed on this one. I wasn't on every expedition through portals.

At first, two gates opened, and I followed one which lead to a clock similar to the previous year's KoEF questing. We set the clock to two O'clock and found ourselves in an empty field, where bois were attacking and there was a soul leech there. We killed the bois and soul leech (by use of silver weapons with hematite on the weapon) and found out that if a used piece of hematite isn't removed from the weapon, a new piece of hematite will not continue to drain souls out of the soul leech. We also started to see wisps of bois worms in the air called Serpets Postremo , which don't really do much other than say bois may be coming soon. As we advanced, we found a Bois fighting other bois, and when we talked to the remaining bois, it was Reubus(???) Bancroft, who was looking for something which we couldn't find and he couldn't remember, but the nexus had us leave before we found what it was. Ged cast an ID creature and Reubus was turning into a Bois.

On my next walk through a gate, we all changed appearance, and looked like mercinaries. We were briefed by a general who was leading an assault on Nemesis (in this world, it was a she.) We got a weapon from a fortress, and then brought it to Mages in a tower to be enchanted to destroy Nemesis. Nemesis eventually showed up with the arrow wraith (the only wraith so far), and eventually, we got Nemesis where she needed to be to be destroyed with the enchanted sword. Nemesis was killed with the sword, and then it appeared that one of the Mages destroyed the general's soul with a hand showing of a Nemesis mark...possibly nemesis herself. They then through the general to the bottom oh a pit, hopefully never to be seen again. Down at the bottom of this pit, Nemesis (in her previous form) awaited, and talked with the general, until he agreed to serve her, and became another wraith, in order to seek revenge.

The next quest I went on was with a small group of people to rescue a damsel in distress, who was locked up, but we couldn't free her in time.

The next quest was a quest to find and save a silver dragon, which we were told was possessed, and an amulet others obtained earlier in the day would help it. We fought through pirates, and encountered shadows of some sort, all of whom were linked to each other similar to troll twins, and a main shadow, who when killed raised all of his "children". As we fought through the shadows we made it to a silver dragon, who when we put the necklace on it, a ghost shot out of it. In addition, most of the shadows were now undetectable, except the main shadow, which when killed took the rest with it, to reappear shortly later. The ghost was not harmable, but if it was hit by a holy weapon, which the dragon could enchant, the ghost would go flying in the direction it was hit. Eventually, we found we had to get it into a circle of rocks, and directed it in with the holy swings, and then destroying it once it was in there.

The final journey was a demon walking in to the nexus and announcing a one time showing at Baal's theatre, and then the nexus gate opened behind him. We followed him through the nexus gate, and there were various demons around with tickets which you could either barter for scalp demons for since the showing was sold out. We got into the show and it was "Baal's theatre of things you wish you have known". It was about the history of fae and bedlam. In the beginning, there was nothing. Then, there was light, and the light came out of the nothingness, and it looked back, and pulled more of the light out with it. They called the place they were in faerie, and themselves fae. As time went on, demons and fae had a war, and eventually (i believe) fae surrendered and agreed to pay a tithe. Around this time, fae found mortals, said "we'll be right back" and by the time they were back, the mortal died. Wayland started disliking fae, and started working on wayland blades to put the light back into the darkness, and he waiting until he died, but they never ended up in the darkness. The furies killed Cuchulain, and nearly killed Oberon as well. Cuchulain came back, and mortals made a deal with the queen of wurms where a person would guard the gate to hell from bedlam with two swords left by adventurers but the swords went missing and the mortals broke their deal. Meanwhile, during all of this Wayland was still at work, and we saw a black blade with a black face on top of it being forged into something. As they were about to unveil what he was forging though, we got thrown back into the nexus. After casting a few spells, it was determined that mortals did not intentionally break the deal with the queen of wurms, but rather, Hermes stole the swords of light. (later casting said one was still on Hermes while the other was

At that point, we ate, and after the fortune teller helped us reset our spells, the nexus lead us into hell, where an emisary of the queen of wurms (flytree I believe), a first blood demon, met us and explained how we wouldn't be allowed to leave until we worked out the problem we had. Ophelia got planted, and right near her we were protected. We needed to plant and protect her stalks, but we were unable to. The Seer questions we threw, came back with weird 3 number cards. We also found out that the devil generals were protected by Dark Armor we had to pierce through, and Dark Armor is a proper name. We have yet to solve the cards.
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