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Hardenbrook Manor - 3rd visit

We ventured into a corrupted and haunted place a few weekends in a row.
The regional magics changed as time when on. I will here in enter the magics that I was told of for the 12/18/1010.

1) Cantrip - 3 uses - Allows the spellcaster to gain one casting of any spell from the First Circle Pool, chosen at the time of casting. The spell gained must be cast following the rules for that spell, including verbal, material and active components.
2) Deathwish - Unlimited uses - VC(30 words, and an explanation) - MC (30 words, and an explanation) - This spell, when cast upon a dead body, implants a simple command into their mind. The spellcaster must give the target player the scroll after completing the verbal. The target should read the scroll and may refer to it at any time. However, the scroll and the information it contains are out of character, and are not known to the player's character in any way. When the target character is alive, and hears the trigger phrase, they must perform the command to the best of their ability. The spell ends when the target successfully completes the command, or is slain trying. The target may ignore any commands that are humiliating, overly difficult (move that wall 10 feet to the left), break their weapon restriction, or violate mundane laws or ethical codes. This spell will not work on a body without its scalp. The spell Protect the Soul negates all effects of this spell.
3) Premonition - 1 use - Gain knowledge of the room you are entering. Must be used before entering the room.
4) Greater Armored Cloak - Unlimited, one at a time - As per Armored Cloak, but can stack
5) Greater Cantrip - 2 uses - As per Cantrip but can gain a casting of any 4th or lower spell
6) Augmentation - 1 use - Allowed the caster to embue any object with powers.
NOTE: This was used on Quinn's Squirely belt to the Knights of the Crown and he gained their knightly ability of Sword of Light.
7) Teleport - 1 use - VC (30 word) - Can teleport you and only you to a location outside of Hardenbrook Manor. Recite the verbal loudly for it to be effective.

Recorded by Magnus Heavyhammer, 12/19/1010
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