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Song of Yumenguan

Author: unknown
Place/Gathering Discovered: unknown, reported by Slaader
Date: unknown
Transcribed by: Ivory librarians
The Song of Yumenguan

Long seasons passed, turned into years

And still our spirits linger here

In Yumenguan – once dear to all

Much danger hides in crumbled walls

The kindest Lord, Li Mu Xorn San

Did call forth good with open arms

In Yumenguan – he took men in

And prepared to fight the Dragon Clan

An assassin came to the Lord Xorn

A Sword Dancer and Dragon sworn

In Yumenguan – I learned to love

The hand that wore the Iron Fist Glove

Many secrets I surrendered those days

To redeem my soul from wicked ways

In Yumenguan – I taught them well

The path to carry us all to Hell

A mighty host led by my Lord

Marched ‘cross field, hill and ford

In Yumenguan – we held our breath

Despite our hopes, we feared their death.

Victory came at no small cost

And many brave men were lost

In Yumenguan – we hung our heads

Both Dragon Clan and Lord Xorn were dead

Those who dealt the killing blow

There bodies by illness brought low

In Yumenguan – the wasting disease

Brought the righteous to their knees

The Dragon Clan had grown so strong

And goodness faltered for too long
In Yumenguan – shadows crept in

And laid their black curse deep within

But now goodness has again returned

And to free our souls you must learn

In Yumenguan – lies deep within

The tools to stop the DRAGON ASSASSINATION CLAN!

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