When adding new information and documents to the Library, an option to add "tags" is available. Tags are words or short phrases used to organize content within the Library.

While the Library staff encourages tagging, some use of tags is not appropriate to the content. We ask all contributors to think carefully about the tags that they add to documents. Below is a sample of the current list of tags.

Confirmed - This is used to denote that information has been verified through divination, interactions, quests, etc. Anything tagged as "confirmed" should be treated as true.

Historical Account - These accounts are usually written as objectively as possible. They are usually written with the future reader in mind and can range in scope from broad battles over the years or an small experience at one event.

In-House Item - These items, while not Realms Magic Items, are sometimes made available by EHs that may or may not have special powers (or consequences) at that particular EHs events.

Magic Item - This is to denotes information about a Realms Magic Item.

Monster Type - Many different creatures are encountered in the Realms. This tag can be used when information detailing the looks, powers, habits of a creature is found.

Non-Player Character - Many notable named creatures and heroes are not necessarily players. Use this tag when describing or detailing a notable NPC.

Out of Character - While the Library does not have a way to deal with OOC information at this time, in some of the older histories the line between IC and OOC becomes blurred to the memory. Some OOC information (such as actual event sites used) is still available but in a purely historical context.

Personal Account - These accounts are usually written subjectively by the author. Often the author's personal feelings, thoughts or biases can be seen in the writing. This information should be taken knowing the author's feelings may have influences his writing.

Player Character - This tag is for information about a PC that in contained in document. It should not be used to denote that something was found IC.

Primary Source - Primary sources are anything from a recovered journal to a personal account of a war. Primary sources are not copies or reinterpretations of old information.

Stub Article - By marking a document with a "stub" tag, it means that the author is not done adding content to the page and more will be updated later.

Unconfirmed - Information that is unconfirmed (such as rumors, speculations, theories, etc) should use this tag.
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