Content Questions

Some questions have come up on what is and what is not appropriate content to add to the Library of Ivory. Below are some general guidelines.

What to add

Examples of what should be added to the Library
- information found at events in the form of puzzles, papers and the like

- personal accounts for your experience at an event

- dreams

- stories and song performed at bardics or tournaments

- information that would help new players get involved in a plot

- if you are an event holder, teasers and tidbits about your plot

What NOT to add

- OOC information: At this time, the Library does not have a section dedicated to Out of Character information, interactions, and missives. As this is an In Character resource site, we want to focus on In Character material. Emails from the Out of Character mailing list should also not be posted.

- duplicate information: Missives and rumors, while great IC resources are easy to reprint and often get placed in different locations. If you are unsure if something has already been added, try search for similar content to see if it is already there.

- Offensive or other inappropriate material: Use your best judgment when adding new content to the site. Any material found to be inappropriate will be removed and the contributor banned from posting new content.

- "Looking for" missives: While some missives add great content and add to character interactions, please do not post any "Looking for" or "I want to get in touch with" missives from the In Character mailing list.

Removing content
If you as an event holder or marshal see something on this site that is not to be taken In Character or you do not want on this site, please contact Iacob or Faelinn with your concerns about the content. We will do our best to accommodate any conflicts.
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