Adding Content

New features have been added to the Library. When adding content, please follow the guidelines listed below. If you have any questions about content, editing, or organization please contact Iacob or Faelinn.

We have recently added something called templates to better organize and standardize the way that new content is added to the Library.

To add a template to a page, simply select a template from the drop down menu when editing a page. Each field of the template must be filled out before content can be added. If you do not know some of the required information, simply put "unknown". If it becomes known at a later date, it can easily be updated to reflect the change.

Here are some examples of the current templates in use:

Subject Lore - This is used for any primary source document or dissertation that you are writing. It simply has the author and date listed.

Recovered Lore - This is for documents and papers found while questing or from a third party. It asks for the author, place, gathering it was found, date, and who it was transcribed by.

Songs - This is for song performed at various bardics and competitions. An example would be a Champion's Bardic for the Queen of Hearts tournament. If the song is a parody of a another song, please include the original title and author.

Stories - This is for works of fiction that can be shared In Character. Please list the Character (if applicable) and the name of the player. If the work does not have a character attached to the story, the Out of Character name of the player is fine.

Missive - This is for missives that have been received over the years, either from personal correspondance or that were sent to the Realms at large. What type of missive (personal or mass distribution)and the date when it was sent should be included. If the missives trigger any respons, please note them. (In the repsonse fields: enter "Yes, included" if there were responses and they are included in the entry, enter "Yes, not included"if there were responses and they are not included in the entry, and "No" if there were not direct responses.

Dreams - This is for dreams that have occured either while out questing (at an event) or while at home. The dreamer, date, and where the dream occured should be listed. If any interpretation was done, please make note of it and include it later in the document separated from the original dream.

There are a few different ways that dates are currently recorded in the Realms. For the purpose of standardization we ask that all dates be listed in the month/day/year format. If the day is unknown, the month/year can be used. Please record all years following the "current year minus 1000" format. For example, if the Out of Character year is 2007, the Realms In Character year would be 1007. The year 1999, would become 999.

Any notes by the person entering documents or detailed explanation about the document itself, how it was found, etc should not be included in the main entry. This information should be added as a comment using the "Discuss" tab once the entry has been made. This is so the text can be preserved in it original context and format. For example, a heading of "Iacob gave me this document to type up for the library. Me made it sound super important ~Faelinn" should be added as a comment.

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