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About Eris

Author: Quazar
Date: unknown
Let it be known this is my own account of the Goddess Eris and how she has effected my life....

Anyone will tell you Eris is one of the Five Ladies who is the aligned with Strife. Hmm.. what an odd word. When I first took up her path Nero explained a few things about strife that I hold dear to my heart.

Strife is not just strength in battle, sweat, peril of life and death. Strife is found in the quiet times. On the farms, in the castles, in the choices we make. A squire looking determined and fondly at his Knight stands in the shadow of my Lady Eris. He questions his ability, presence and purpose on his path. Through the choices we make no matter how small they may seem Eris shines upon us all.

May Eris bless us and continue to challenge us all.

High Priestess of Eris
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