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Letter from Nero, FoM 17

Author: Nero
Place/Gathering Discovered: Hidden temple of Eris (Feast of Min 17)
Date: July 1007
Transcribed by: Aberes
Eris's symbol is displayed on the outside of the letter.


Paradise is small, and our strength lies in our magic, our wits, and above all our faith.

If you have found this note, then you must know about the five temples I built, so our magic and faith could defend us. Presumably, even the temples now need defending.

You will find weapons. They cannot be used directly now, but the hope of the Champions can inspire you. Be strong, and do not give up, and do not doubt, and Eris will surely bless your struggles.

(odd sigil, then) N E R O (then his entire name)

P.S. The temple of Diskordia has no one location. Wander, and you will find it.
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