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Name: Dio, Child God of Sacrifice
Domain: Sacrifice, Protection, Purity
Symbols: a willow tree with a silver rose
Avatars: none
Plot marshals: Robert Blache, Mike Amend, Leanne Hoffman
Area of Influence: Twilight Isle,
The youngest child of Gaia, Dio's persona was that of a young male child, sometimes androgynous. Orphans looked to him as a friend, but those older and with more of a martyr's personality could call on him in their desperate hours. Every once in a great while, people had claimed to see Dio in the flesh, depicted as a quiet young boy, wearing plain, simple clothes but with a silver sash and barefoot.

Dio was destroyed through the actions of The Herald and the Cult of The Waking Child, and took Dio's place at the Meeting of the Avatars which took place at UCCT '13.- Siap
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