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I write now, and hope that the light of Dio falls upon my words, giving clarity of meaning to those that read this missive.

In my time following the silver child, I have learned that my purpose is to both defend the pure and to purify the corrupt. In saving one of my friends in the past, the purification by Dio of that which was corrupt was tempered by the judgement of the just and fair Justari through two of his agents in the mortal world, Chan and Eremon. Even before then, the Church of Justari was considered a sister church of Dio, and greatly respected.

I have seen the forces of Illinar before. I have seen the suffering they cause to those who are not of the human race. I know what they would have done to Paradise if we had not stood strong against their siege... I understand it is not the common man, but that does little to assuage the fact that Illinar is currently a land riddled with the foul taint of corruption.

My purpose is to purge this corruption from Illinar. I will tear their construct soldiers asunder, I will devour their paltry sorcery and rend apart that which ties their sullied bodies to this mortal coil. I give my word that I shall strike down those loyal to Darak Tur and yet another false king and strip them of their twisted immortality.

But by Dio's light I pray that my wrath be tempered by a General who knows true justice.

Slaader, High Priest of Justari, I look to you for such leadership.

Twilight Militiaman
Follower of Dio
Mourner of Mercutio
i wish it to be known that I want all doubts striken from all minds of any
who have a second thought about the capabilities of Slaader as a leader.
There is not one standing, man or woman, human or elf, who will ever be better suited for destroying this filthy enemy and giving salvation to the innocent than he.
Justari stands with, and will work through, Slaader.
I also believe my brother has some personal reasons for seeing this
army fall. Unlike some more self centered men, this will sharpen his wits and his skills.
Veros will be present for the battle while myself and other Elemirrians take care of the Western Flank.

To those who follow Slaader into this battle, I offer you this:

Should Fate find you on the battlefield,
May your cause be a Just one.
May your courage not falter.
May you show mercy to your enemies.
May your efforts bring the blessings of peace.
May you be triumphant and earn victory.
May your sacrifice be always appreciated.
May you endure the conflict unharmed.
Should you be harmed,
May you have healers in abundance.
Should you perish in the struggle,
Know that your friends will not rest until you breathe again.
Should your soul find its final rest, know you will be missed.

Please be well, and see Slaader home to Valor.

Dame Twenaria of Elemirre

(OOC-adapted from a poem by Scott Tackett)
Guardian Slaader,

I and what is left of Paradise stand with you. You have my blessings, the blessing Five Ladies, and my support as General.

I will be praying in Xaos' Tower for your conquest of these people, for your victory over this Gabriel and the women who walk with him.

Should you need anything, Guardian Slaader, send word and I and the Council shall petition the goddesses on your behalf with our highest spells available.

He's proved able enough to lead those in defending my city and routing the enemy. Realms, I believe he is a capable leader in what could be your last battles. Consider publicly lending your support to this man.

All my dreams, Guardian Slaader,
- Governor Aberes of Paradise
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