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Respones to Slaader's Letter

Guardian Slaader,

Have just spoken with our Warchief Thon and our Blademaster Gunthar, I wanted to let you know you have the support of the Iron Kingdom behind you in this endevor. We shall follow your lead and join you on the battlefield in this coming stand.

Anam annan
~Ember Ailanthus~
Handmaiden of Gaia
Free Member of the Iron Kingdom

Guardian Slaader,

Though I may not have seen you lead our armies against Illinar many times, the single battle in which I have followed under your lead convinced me that you are among the best for the job. Under these circumstances you have my blessings.

May Luna find you as deserving as I see you,
Rorin Akanar

Guardian Slaader,

In the past we have stood on opposite sides of the field, as well as alongside each other. For years now, I have found the latter more common than the former, especially against the forces of the Dark Hand and of General Gabriel. You displayed your honor when you stood by us in the defence of our country against their forces. You displayed your justice in our dealings with Sir Cecil. You displayed your courage in the recient
conflict in paradise. I do not speak for anyone but myself, but I firmly beleve that you would be the right man to lead this Hunt.

May your aim always be true,
Captain Gek Lackland

Unto Guardian Slaader of the Free Kingdoms,
High Priest of Justari

There are places in this world and beyond, where the sun never truly rises. Though the days are lit brilliantly, Gaea's children grow, and the world is kept warm, if Man does not look to each new day with hope all of these things are laid empty. For ages, the Church practice of sun-worship has been at the very core of our Auroran beliefs. Through
the constants of daylight and vigil, dusk and dawn; mortal lives cycle towards improvement and betterment. Each new day brings about challenge and change, guided by the knowledge that Light and divinity Herself wills a simple prosperity for us all.

As we prepare to march upon the shores of New Darkharbor, through the portal and beyond, we stand on the eve of Illinar's new day. As commanded by the reach of the Light and tempered under the banner of Hope, myself and my men are readied to take this field. Here we stand as one unit among many; any army united in purpose but differing in
reasons. For leadership in these personal reasons and our faith, these brave few bearing Ivory's standard shall continue to look to me. For leadership of purpose, we shall all look to you.

Take this banner and let ours stand with yours. By prayer and steel, I am proud to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with any who seeks to make this fight their own. May the united pageantry of all of our colors show these people that we are the tide of a new beginning coming over their lands, and yet not another conquering force.

Slaader, you know these people better than anyone. You know and share the pain that many feel in their hearts. Many are not our true enemies, but simply men wielding swords in our path. I do not wish the grounds of Illinar to be soaked with the blood of farmers and craftsmen; of fathers and innocent sons of Illinar. May His justice and temperance be your guide. It shall serve you well.

See you on the field, General.

-Squire Cain
High Priest of Aurora
Commander, City of Ivory EF

Guardian Slaader,

I have followed you into this battle many times and each time the forces of Gabriel and the Dark Hand have fallen before us. And most recently I stood by your side defending Paradise. Though with the loss of Honor my ability to strike at those who mean us the most harm is lessened it has done naught but to harden my resolve. I would gladdly stand by your side again on this final battle. The people of Illinar must be freed from injustice and the False King and the Tempest Witches will be torn from this world at the tip of my blade.

We have waited a very long time for this, General.

Always in Justari's name,

Sir Gaiden Shadowfyr of Folkestone
Knight of the Blue Rose

Unto Guardian Slaader and the Realms,

During this time of great conflict it is the committment from each of us that must be brought forth inorder to defeat on of our greatest threats. Though we work for a common goal the pillar which rises to congeal our strength is going to be that which will
decide this outcome.

Having seen the best and worst of you, Guardian Slaader, over the years, I can think of no one more suited to lead us to this victory. You have known the strife caused by this foe and embodied what light they have held inside of them. May Eris be with all of you
during this battle. May the strengths of all the battle scars and turmoils we have lived through strengthen and mold our forces.

Eris' blessings to you all.

High Priestess of Eris

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