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Missives in response.

As Captian of the Azure Guard, Warlord, Avatar, and Royal House of Chimeron (not to mention your friend) I will do all within my power to attend. I have been assisting in this conflict for quite some time, but always as a supporter to those that would move the pieces upon the greater board. I do not know how much insight I might provide, but I will bring what experience I have...and will gladly take the field at your side (not just 'cause like they're hit'n Chim first).

Also, I believe Faelinn at least has a copy of the information I was able to get from Sir Dirk in days long past. Do you know if this is the case?

Sir Owen
Lord Cain,

I will do my best to be there, as the Paradisian Council can handle things for a
few days. I'll bring with me all the information I can about the latest
skirmishes, and also a map of Paradise so you know what you're getting yourself
into (there's more than just the city where Illinarians can hide).

I might be in the company of your Sir Fredrick if the weather does permit me.

May Xaos bring a swift end,
Governer Aberes
Is there a way you can get me the map ahead of time? It would be useful
for planning and I'd like to have a bigger version available for the
meeting if possible.

Light guide,

-Squire Cain
I'll do my very best.

My uncle, Bright Oakfellow, will be coming to the meeting as well after checking
the situation here with me in Paradise, so we will most likely be traveling

May your goddess shine upon you,
Governor Aberes
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