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April's IWC

Greetings fellow adventurers,
I pen this missive on the eve of a siege on Castle Chimeron and a war
from Fae itself. These dark times see many threats on our lands and on
the lands of our friends. In this war I believe we shall be successful,
the defenses of Chimeron holding strong with allies and friends standing

From the south, another threat looms in the distance. The army of
Gabriel makes his incursions against our lands in a drive for power and
conquest. He is backed my a huge army, larger than one I have ever seen
myself. This army seeks to acquire what resources in food, ore, horses,
and wood that our Realm has, starting with Chimeron. They have made
attacks against Paradise, raiding what farms they can. I believe that
Gabriel has begun to prepare for a full-scale assault into our lands.

After Oberon's incursions against Chimeron have been put down this
campaign shall become my forefront in focus. I invite you all to a war
council on the third of May, to be held at the fort at Charlesford. We
will be providing modest food for everyone attending, and expect to
start around 7:00.

This is a semi-open invite, though please ask me first if you can bring
additional interested parties. We must keep it around or under 20 people
for space concerns. Any information recorded or discovered during this
process will be published publicly at the Library at Ivory. If you have
not seen our library, please do so at your earliest convenience

I am particularly under-exposed to the nuances of this treat. We have
compiled and made available almost all of the information we have so far
(we're finishing the atlas in the upcoming week). Some of you have been
at the forefront of this effort for far longer, and I seek to bring
everyone together, experienced and green to get information out there
and to deal with this threat.

Please tell me whether you can attend, and what
considerations we should make when preparing your meal. I will be
dressed for the occasion, but we will be well-guarded, so do not feel as
if you need to bring weapons or armor. If this is a bad date for many
people, than we can consider moving it.

Unto Chimeron: Feel free to send what delegates you feel are most
appropriate, especially given the war is against the sovereignty of your
lands. The appropriate Lords, the King, and the Warlord are invited, but
if there are others who wish to step up to this threat, I would welcome
them in this planning.

It may be possible during this war to free Paradise, and bring the war
to New Darkharbor, where a huge cache of supplies already exists. If we
are able to take New Darkharbor, I intend to hold it and use it as a
base with whatever loyal men we find there to help to sweep Illinar and
begin the process to put Queen Aideen back on the throne and restore
piece to that land. A man and former conscript solider under Gabriel by
the name of Darrow has shown me a part of this conflict that I never
imagined. He will be there at the Council to help us in this cause.
The scope of our potential objectives can be determined while at the

I do not embrace war or any conflict of conquest, either in defense or
in assault; yet I will embrace this opportunity to restore what some
would seek to extinguish.

Light guide us always,

-Squire Cain
High Priest of Aurora
The City of Ivory

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