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Missives in response.

Lady Aberes or Lady Hope, please begin evacuation or relocation of your
people as soon as possible as you see fit. Please let me know what you
decide to do with regards to keeping them safe. I do not wish to see
more innocent casualties as a result of this war.

If there are others who wish to help in defense of Paradise and the
eventual assault on New Darkharbor, please contact me as soon as
possible. I am gathering military intelligence as quickly as I can and
would like to sit people down for a War Council on this at some point in
the near future.

By prayer and steel,
-Squire Cain

Lord Cain,

That has already been in the works, although not without hardship. Many farmers
in the Southern Paradise areas below the city at this point are miserable about
being removed from their homes due to the border raids. Morale is low.

Due to the invasion of the Bound Woman not even three years ago, we do not have
many who 'only farm' left with us in Paradise as they have migrated towards
Southern Chimeron and Chimeron Proper. Few others have actually turned their
trades into other ways to thrive within the city, especially those who serve
Luna and around the Tower itself.

Many others are receiving re-training through Argent and Kovaks' men that she
has brought down. I am wondering if I should expect Chimeronian militia at
all, but we are very thankful for Eagle's Rook.

I am also considering raising up a small spell-casting unit...but against
thousands we can only hope for the miracle of the gods. I hope the Light will
still shine down on us, casting its own shadows to frighten away the Darkness
that is New Illinar.

Rest assured, though we may lose land, we won't lose the city. Not while I

We welcome any aid and we shall put up any adventurers and mercenaries the Light
may send from your area.

To your health,
Lady Aberes

Lady Aberes,
What have the incursions been like recently? Light or heavy? How many
incidents have been reported back to you? If I need to make another
surgical strike to keep them at bay before a larger assault, then I will
coordinate that.


Lord Cain,

Here are a copy of the most recent and some dated reports that Captain Argent
has sent to me regarding the incidents. (OOC: Joe would have that info.)

Eagle's Rook is still here, training more of the menfolk that are staying in
Paradise here. As I mentioned before, those who are fleeing to Southern
Chimeron at this point have done so or are doing so. I do not believe they
will be returning unless we can put this threat down efficiently, and in such a
way those families feel safe to be outside the protection of my city walls.

We thank you in advance for any hands the City of Light may spare, or munitions
as well. They are only sending soldiers, and a gentleman named Spyder came by
here not too long ago referring to them as Light Infantry. Paradise, while
filled with magic and archers of the best, cannot best their swordsmanship of
harden soldiers. If you cannot spare either, that is alright. Then send your

I hope to shake your hand once again soon,
Lady Aberes of Paradise

I have heard rumors about Illinar's approach into the mainland. From what I gather, Paradise is to be evacuated. Am I correct in that assumption? Also, on our excursion into Tempastros Educari, I found some papers in Illinarian that spoke of the Tempest and its power. If anyone needs a script of that, please let me know. My info on Illinar is limited, but I'll help where I can. If anyone believes that certain folk should not be given this info please missive me privately. I do not want sensitive information to fall into the wring hands.

..crazy doppelgangers and dark agents ruining the mass sharing of info...
Lord Cain, Kyomi, et all

Those Paradisians who have wished to move from Paradise's Southern borders into
Chimeron have done so a while ago. Those that have stayed to ekk out their
living are the ones that have now been forced to our city due to these raids.

Captain Dahal, while present with Lord Cain on our most recent patrols was able
to quell that particular fight, we humbly request still more aid. Not everyone
is willing to be moved yet again, not so soon after their lives being forcibly
interrupted twice: Once with the invasion of Wrake's general and other forces,
and another with the loss of their beloved leader.

I say this: While our current leader is absent, dealing with some things that
are beyond the reach and control of her people, I and the Paradisian Council do
speak for Paradise in her stead. We thank Eagle's Rook for its continuous aid
in this dark period.

Quite frankly in my short time here, I've had enough of false leaders. Those
who wish to leave Paradise for safer lands have done so and are continuing to
do so. The rest of us are gearing up to defend our only home from this
'Gabriel' and his cresent-marked soldiers.

This is my Realms-wide plea that many would send aid and help us in keeping this
city...my home, from becoming another piece of New Illinar.

The Ladies and the Light be with us,
Lady Aberes
Lady Aberes,

From your missive to the Realms, then, I would send more militia as Chimeron
is able. With the War in Fae, our resources are near the brink, and the
engagements of other lands in Chimeron as well.

However, Paradise is Chimeron, and Fae is not. What do you need, and I will
see it is supplied. I would not see my people, one of such a loyal nation,
be removed like this.

I will tactfully ask since your past leaders did not see fit to ask for aid
when needed to please do so in some way. I am glad Eagle's Rook was able to
aid you. I myself fought back some of the waves of soldiers at the side of
Cain of Ivory. I would see your needs met, and feel it a travesty they
would not be, due to a lack of communication.

Death Before Dishonor,
King Sir Pyr DarkWillow

My king, because I respect you, I withhold my opinions on the Faerie War.

I am asking for help as the past leaders have not, as you have stated, although
it saddens me deeply that my sister is currently... unattached. Our people are
running scared, dying. The king we serve is Pyr, not this rapscallionistic
coward that we have yet to see called 'Gabriel'.

Paradise has seen tragedy twice in recent years. I vow not to let it be seen
again. With Chimeron's help, any that can be sent, and the blessings of All
Goddesses, we shall be able to beat this army soundly.

In service,
Lady Aberes of Paradise

Unto Lady Aberes of Paradise,

I respect your silence on the war in Faerie. Perhaps we can sit and speak
of it one day. However our engagement in the war is at this point

However, this has nothing to do with your situation.

I am requesting 40,000 combined militia and ER militia, footmen and heavy
cavalry to re-enforce your position. The city and outlying countryside will
be set of siege and will be made more difficult for their armies to simply

A major part of the army will arrive via the Storm Portal outside of Eagle's
Rook. Obviously not within your defenses, but the power surge should be

It would seem their army is majority conscripts. One of the focuses we will
have is to not destroy them but demoralize them enough to lay down arms,
then convince them to fight for our side and either take up residence here
or go back and save their families.

If that is not enough, I am pulling back the Chimeron proper armies to
defend Chimeron to attack or defend all assailants. On your word we could
send in heavy cavalry and footmen, bowmen and trackers if need be.

I hope this is of service: you can assess the situation far more than I. I
await your word.

Yours in Truth,
King Pyr DarkWillow

...I was unaware Chimeron had that many people, and more besides!
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