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Missives that resulted.

Received the notice about the little girl and have looked all over Creathorne and Dracornia. We have also Sent word to all of the towns and villages. No one have heard these ramblings or seen any small girl as described being in the south. Perhaps this little girl did not venture up to the colder Northern regions. But we Will keep a look out…

Gave a good day

Sir Shean O’Quinnlin
This haunting melody, said by all to have been sung by a young girl, is carried on the wind throughout the lands of the Northern Alliance. A general consensus exists that the child was here, whoever she was, so the phenomenon is not only in the south. We are looking into these strange occurrences to the best of our ability, and have come across some leads. If anyone has further information regarding the girl, or the one known as the “Lord of Flies”, please contact me as soon as possible. Likewise, if any are interested in what information we have, please send all inquiries privately. Thank you.

Thaoseph Pestlemixer
Lord of the Northern Alliance
Professor of Alchemy
Follower of Joseph
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