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A brief history

Author: Tetch
Date: 5/1/1005
I haven't much time to relate the full tale, but, I figured I would share
while my mind was on it..

Once upon a time, Rhiassa was a kingdom from somewhere else.. they had
problems with Drow.
A silver-elf, Luthrian, and several of his brethren, sacrificed themselves
to become swords to kill the Drow Champions..

Someone destroyed one of the blades at Battle for Duckwater (1994)

Not long after the blades appeared, a woman named Dulce arrived in the
Realms. She claimed to have the power to protect the blades from
destruction, and ensure the ability for us to fight the Drow of Niffelhiem.

Unbeknownst to us, she was possessed by Brand, a demon from the 6th plane of
hell, contracted to destroy the blades.

Brand managed to destroy all but a few of the blades, through Dulce.
(Tournament of Fools @1995).

You can learn a lot from History.

- Sir Tetch
Knight of the Realms
Knight of the Eternal Flame
Order of the Magi

A father misses his daughter.
Two horses wish their mother would come home.
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