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Casualty Report


In the defense of Argyll, Mythguard, Ivory, and a few of Owen's forces
defended one gate (the North gate?) and Rel, Grimloch, Folkestone, and
others defended the South gate. We were able to repel the onslaught of
forces due to using Realms deity magic to slide Argyll one step closer
to the mortal realms. This slowed Paris' onslaught slightly. The other
side was forced into a cold retreat after taking heavy losses.

In Ivory's care:
Porunn - Scalped at the north gate
Frederick - Scalped at the north gate

In Aelias' care:
Liselle, who I have heard had since been raised with the Moon Soul Wand.

In Gryf's care:

Buried in Fae:
Zeek - He should be easier to recover than some of the others.

Captives of Oberon / MIA

At this point, it is my unfortunate responsibility to point out that
Eagle's Rook has been routed from the field. With Vawn dead for some
longer time, Mikhail and Kovaks both captured by Oberon, please send
word and my regrets to Eagle's Rook. They fought bravely, and we will
do our best to recover them as quickly as possible.

Argyll was lost, but I do not have a wrap-up of what happened after the
battle. Olivia was extracted properly as was Owen, the banner of blood,
and as many bodies as we could carry.

Alongside of the various casualties, people took a number of soul wounds
due to the nature of the Banner of Blood, which as of yet I do not know
of a way to heal. My body will hold up, but is considerably more fragile
than it was previously. The Banner, for those who do not know, forces
you to be raised after 30 seconds, at the permanent cost of part of your
soul. It also allows you to shrug off more minor wounds that would
disable an extremity. While useful for "your last stand", it certainly
takes a huge toll on any troops fielded there.

We have a lot to think about before our next engagement with this enemy.
From what I understand, from now on, every incursion into Fae we'll need
to fight our way in. We don't have a comfortable point with which to
slip in any longer. That was Argyll.

If anyone here has a casualty to report, please do so as quickly as
possible, so that we can tally the full report.

Garathos, we'll need to take you up on that assistance you offered with
your available potions. Faelinn, Iacob and I will be working to restore
as many as possible.

Let me be honest, we need to know why the two-gate split failed. Was it
a bad pairing on the other side? Did the increased magical agility on
the Northern side help? Was it dissemination of information? Equipment?
Fortifications? The weather? Did you fight a fiercer foe?

If any of the people who survived the Southern gate can give an account,
I would be most grateful.

By prayer and sword,
-Squire Cain
The City of Ivory
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