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Argyll Aftermath

To all the countries and peoples of the Realms, I offer my heartfelt and
entirely insufficient thanks for your aid. Words cannot say what it means to
me that my country was defended, regardless of the outcome. I am biased in
my love for it, but to know that it held some significance in other hearts
means so very much.

I have never seen such an army as Paris brought to the field that day.
Monsters surrounded the entirety of the walls, and stretched into the
surrounding forests -- there was not enough room even for all of them to
mass at the gates. Argyll proper is old and sedentary -- not a place for
siege, by any stretch. Perhaps I am merely out of touch with military
matters, but I do not believe that any other force could have done more or
better against such odds. I have no regrets.

I name no names in special thanks -- as far as I could see, each warrior
contributed all they had and more to the defense, whether it was spectacular
or subtle. Those who carried the bodies of the dead and who organized the
evacuation of my people to the Realms are every bit as important as those
who guaranteed my safety. I understand that some or many of you have made
very deep personal sacrifices -- I do not know the extent of them, and I
would not presume to laud some and neglect others. Know that I am aware of
the magnitude of the cost, and I will do everything I can to honor the debt.
Argyll still exists, if only in small part. Some within me, and some within
the memories of all who were there and poured out their souls (both in sweat
and quite literally) to defend it to the last. With such a reserve, I have
no doubts that it will be restored when we have returned the rightful
balance to Faerie, under the True Court and the True King.

The True Court is unbroken and our cause is undiminished, due to the efforts
of all those warriors who rallied at the gates. That Paris managed to
burn something which was part of Faerie can only weaken Oberon's side,
both in the health of the land and the loyalty of those denizens who cannot
know if their lands may be next. Grieve for what is lost, and look ahead to
what there is yet to win.

In gratitude,
Olivia, Duchess of Beauty, once Queen of Argyll
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