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A Missive Found

Author: Belinda, Priestess of Harlequin
Place/Gathering Discovered: Hunter's Moon I
Date: unknown
Transcribed by: Ivory Librarians
If you have found this, then I'm already dead.
Don't weep for me, or even try to call me back.
DON'T SEANCE ME. Just read and listen.

I fell in love over two years ago. He was young,
dashing, and long story short we shared many
a romantic embrace. I was a Priestess of Harlequin,
and I was training him to follow in my footsteps.

Twas all a lie.

Please, if you meet someone eager to learn your
trade, take care. If they desire to bed you, hold
them at arms' length. If they have a number on their
forehead, run away with all due haste to some
consecrated ground where They cannot reach you.

They are not everywhere, but They have every face.
And now They have mine. I am one of the Faded Ones.
If you ever meet me, IT IS NOT TRULY ME!
1 2 3 4 5 - Run away, run away and hide!

I am dead and done for. Heh... that'll teach me.
The Ultimate Joke.

- Belinda, Priestess of Harlequin
Tags: Personal Account, Historical Account, Non-Player Character
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