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I am seeking any and all information relating to the Colorless.

Blessings of the Tides and Seasons,
Shane Stillwater
This is all I have for you:

The fifth one, I think, is some sort of Shaman. While attempting to keep Ged and Tria safe, I was turned into a sheepdog. Was less than thrilled about it.

My mother, Bouquet d'Amandes, was captured by Three (this one I know) who took on the guise of Bright Oakfellow, and Three sold her to Wrake and his cronies. Three and Bright Oakfellow have a tight connection for some reason. Three has attempted to impersonate Harlest, but with little less effect on people, I think.

Four seems to be the 'most forgiving' out of all of them, and tends to watch out for Bright Oakfellow for some reason. Four has also impersonated Mahkta McKrye.

One of the Colorless, Two or some other number, unsure which one, took out my former squire a number of years ago, named Hunwald. Rekees and others fought to get him back. You can read a lot about what took place with him in the Ivory Library, or ask Kovaks or those from his 'starting adventurer class' what happened to him. You can also seance to Kell, one of Hunwald's close friends, to get more stories. Kell wanted to stop the Colorless at all costs, and even got marked by Two at one point.

I hope this helps a bit. If not, I can direct you to still others who are or have been effected by this group of five.

By the way, you can tell someone has been marked by the Colorless by the tell-tale sign of straight-up gray eyes.

- Sir Iawen Penn

P.S. Sorry this took so long, something came up.
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