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Kye & Lako

Type of Missve: mass distribution
Date: 12/19/1005
Responses: no
Just wanted everyone to know as warmark of Folkestone, I am letting the Realms populace know that Kye and Lako have petitioned Folkestone and are being watched by us. The reason I am letting you all know is that they are being treated as members of other nations and they are not and I would appreciate that if they do, do something wrong that either myself or any other member of Folkestone know. I am not asking that they be treated as a member of Folkestone I just ask that they not be treated as a members of any other nation. Thank you for your time.

Sir Kwartz of Folkestone
Knight of the Free Kingdoms
Knight of the Blue Rose
Warmark of Folkestone
Tags: Personal Account, Historical Account, Player Character
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