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Info on Structure

Type of Missve: mass distribution
Date: 5/3/1005
Responses: no
On behalf of Duke Sir Cinnabar, Lord of the Borderlands I write to announce the current structure of the Borderlands and the positions held within our ranks that will be interacting with the Realms as a whole in their official capacity.

Let it be known that Duke Sir Cinnabar retains ultimate authority and control of all matters in the Borderlands both militarily and politically.

Sir Corinth serves as the Borderlands Warlord, and Voice of Rage. He is second in command to Duke Cinnabar in all things and acts in his stead when his not present.

I serve as the Borderlands Voice of reason, and will be advising Duke Cinnabar on all non military matters.

Quazar is named the High Mage of the Borderlands, she serves as advisor on all things mystical.

Quayloth is the High Healer and provides advice on matters of health and healing.

In addition, let it be known that the following internal positions have been awarded within the Borderlands.

Rillan is Field Commander.
I command the Southern Watch Forts.
Vorel is the Chamberlain of Angmar.
Hibiki is Govenor of Goju and Duke Cinnabar's personal healer.
Krythron is the Lord of the Bordermarches.
Dauntain is the Lord of Barsaive.
Yimmit is the High Priestess of Church of Chaos.

The full council of nobles that forms the Duke's advisory body consists of Warlord Corinth, myself, Quazar, Lord Dauntain, Lord Krythron, Quayloth, and Yimmit.

Dame Phoenix,
Voice of Reason
Knight-Militant of Chaos
Champion of Rathkeale
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