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Krythron's To Trial

Author: Krythron, Fire Mage of the Borderlands
Place/Gathering Discovered: Nero's Old Library
Date: Guessing 1002 or 1003
Transcribed by: Sir Iawen Penn
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are harsh and there is little to attract them. The only region of note is Krythron's Keep, located in the capitol of the Bordermarches. At the top of the keep, a fire is kept burning at all times, and is visible for miles. The common dangers of these lands are the chaos gates, the goblins, and the various altered creatures that are created. There is also a very dangerous type of animal called a Broar. This beast has been known to stand ten to fifteen feet high at the shoulder, and seems to be a cross between a wild boar and a bear of some sort. The meat is quite tasty, and Cinnabar has become quite fond of hunting these creatures, accompanied by several Borderland Marines armed with broar spears, a very sturdy and long spear with a metal bar through the shaft (to keep the broar from simply running down the shaft although it does not always stop them). As these beasts seem to be attracted by the smell of certain spices and barbeque sauces, travelers are advised to make sure their food is bland. There are also rumors that there are large alligators that seem to be made of mithril scales roaming the swamps, but at this time there have been no confirmed sightings. (While most of the lands have remained with the Borderlands, the capitol of the Bordermarches, and a small area of land around it, has also left, and will now be known as Flame Harbor. It is a land where any will be welcome to live, should they desire, and it is my hope that it may be a place where emissaries from different countries may meet in a neutral setting.)

To the west of Tarnguire is the land of Barsaive, ruled by Dauntain Nervosa. Dauntain has only recently been given charge of these lands, and there is currently little to write about. The Fey are advised not to enter these lands, as Dauntain seems to dislike them, and it is not uncommon to find fey stones and cold iron there. This area is home to most of the Borderlands' food production, and much of the area is taken up by rice fields. (Dauntain was killed during the war. As far as I know, Barsaive has been reabsorbed back into the Borderlands as a whole.)

Additional food is grown in the province of Goju, located alongside Barsaive, and governed by the healer Hibiki. The province is named after a great hero who, along with his little sidekick, once saved a village from destruction by an evil necromancer. Once a year, a festival is held in his memory, which is open to all the Realms. Recently, a young man has taken the name of the great hero. Whether he will live up to such a heroic standard remain to be seen. (This province as largely untouched by the war. Hibiki lives, and remains a member of the Borderlands.)

Also located in the west is Nin-Edin, ruled by Storm Commander Ashnak Gitreg. The main site of note is the fortress that has been built here. Within the walls of this fortress, no magic functions at all. The details of how and why this is so, I cannot say. (Ashnak has not been seen since the war, and unconfirmed reports say he may not return. What the future holds for this area, I do not know.)

North of Nin-Edin is another area of note: Puck's Hollow. Once home to Kestral, this area is set aside for him should he choose to return. It is also home to some of the most unusual food plants in the Realms. Only here, and in some rare areas affected by chaos gates, will you find Chicken Flowers, Beef Vines, Pork Shrubs, and Beer Berries. Brought to life when the chaos gates were open to rebuild the Borderlands (after it was burned to the ground following the Aspis invasion), these plants have taken root and are now common on the tables of the Borderlands. (Puck's Hollow was largely undisturbed by the war.)

The Borderlands is a nation devoted to Chaos. Chaos is not evil, it is merely change; sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse. There are are many religions practiced in the Borderlands, from the pantheons of The Church of Chaos and the Church of Harlequin, to the worship of the fury of nature. In fact, any religion would be accepted in the Borderlands, as long as though who practiced it were willing to accept the practice of other religions. Perhaps the most visible of our religions is The Church of Chaos, of whom Arch-Duke Cinnabar is a member. As I myself am not a member, I cannot speak for their beliefs or practices. Any who wish to learn of such would be best advised to seek out Bishop Klayne Blackharrow. Also of prominence is the Church of Harlequin. Again, I know little of their

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practices. I would advise you to seek out Baronness Shalindra Darkmoon if you wish to know more. (Bishop Klayne, along with many other members of the Church of Chaos, fell during the war. Its current status is unknown to me. I have also been told that Shalindra's status with Harlequin has recently changed. What the details of this change are, one would be best to find out from her.)

Freedom is of great importance to all Borderlanders. The freedom to say what they will, worship whom they will, to do what they will, even the freedom to leave if they choose to. We commonly strike out at those who try to curtail our options. Slavery is illegal within our borders, and any slave who enters our lands is considered a free man, if they so wish. Likewise, people of all races can expect a reasonably unbiased reception. While some individuals due harbor some prejudices, most people are willing to treat all newcomers equally, as their own actions merit.

The Borderlands is home to many different people, some well known and some not. Many people only see a faceless horde that only exists to carry out Cinnabar's orders, but each person is unique, with their own outlook and beliefs. I will try to provide some insight into those Borderlanders who commonly travel outside our lands.

Cinnabar, once Archduke of the Borderlands. He has now joined Folkestone and has relinquished his previous titles and lands.

Shalindra, a powerful healer. She now rules the land of Tarnguire, and is married into the Fey family of Harkon to one Lucas Harkon. Many warriors have been brought back from the darkness by her hands, and undoubtedly many more will in the future.

Krythron, a fire mage, and a follower of the Kal en Dral. Krythron now wanders the lands of the Realms, seeking to learn of them and to destroy those that would threaten them.

Klayne, Bishop of the Church of Chaos. Klayne was killed during the war, and his soul has gone on to do Arioch's bidding.

Ashnak, once Warlord of the Borderlands, and leader of the orcs of Nin-Edin. Ashnak has not been seen since the war, and may have been slain.

Dauntaine, a melding of two souls (Ioz the fey and Snot the satyr). Dauntaine turned his back on his fey blood, hating all that was fey. He, too, fell in battle.

Jonas, a warrior and member of the Church of Chaos. Jonas's soul was claimed by Arioch after he was scalped at the battle.

Jareth, another member of the Church of Chaos. Jareth had hoped to avenge his family's death after a bandit raid. He, too, was scalped.

Gragon. Gragon claims to have been raised by a group of invisible creatures living in the swamp, and was known for selling swampwater-water that had been affected by chaos gates. It was known to have strange effects upon people who drank it, and was also addictive. Gragon was killed in the war.

Argus, known as Sir Argus of the Big Yap. Argus held the position of Diplomat. Well known in the Realms, Argus was killed during the battle, but his soul was recovered and he returned to life. He recently married the centaur Nightmare, and is now a member of Achoria, from what I have been told.

Vorrell, recognized by his impressive armor and large sword, Vorrell was Cinnabar's bodyguard. He almost never left his lord's side. He survived the war, and now lives in Castle Angmar. He can still be found near the Cinnabar most of the time. Old habits die hard.

Serenity, a healer and a member of Tarnguire. She chose to fight alongside the

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Borderlands. She was slain and scalped, but her soul has been returned to this plane, and she can again be found with the other members of Tarnguire.

Gregory, Cinnabar's son, and heir to his throne. Gregory is still too young to rule the nation. I look forward to the day when he assumes the crown.

Christian, a member of the Borderlands Marines. Christian believed that there was only one god, even after seeing several different deities in person. He was slain in the war, and efforts to recover his soul have so far been unsuccessful.

Hibiki, a longtime member of the Borderlands. Hibiki is a healer, and the governor of the province of Goju. Thought to be dead, he has recently left the village and returned to the Realms.

Quayloth, Shalindra's brother. Quayloth apparently wandered through a chaos gate in which time has passed differently. Hence, he has been gone for many months, and has only recently returned to Tarnguire.

Corinth, another relative of Shalindra. Corinth has not been seen in some time. Being half-drow, he tended to live in the tunnels underground. It is feared that the drow may have found him.

I hope this treatise has provided some insight into the lands I once called home. While I have tried to pass on anything I thought may be of interest, I realize that I can never put to paper all I feel about my homeland. The lands are constantly changing, as are the Realms as a whole. What I have written may become incorrect within a month, or a year. But the spirit of the Borderlands, of unity, loyalty and freedom will stay strong. If any of you who read this wish to know more, seek me out. I will do my best to answer any questions you may have.

May your fires always burn brightly.

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