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Missive 9/20/1005

Unto the "Heroes" of the Realms,

For years we have been at odds. We have fought against each other time and time again. However, in the past year or so I have come to a better understanding of things. I have grown and matured and come to find that you and I now share a common enemy. Sclos. The half-drow half-dragon Princess of Blood and Strife.

I have come across key information as to the whereabouts of her fortress and more importantly, how to get in. I am willing to show you the way.
For those of you interested in 'smiting a blow agaisnt the forces of evil' or 'ridding the world of a large danger' meet me in Elemirre around the time of the Harvest Festival.

What reason do you have to trust me in this? none. I have done great evils myself over the years. I have however had a few individuals show me a glimpse of the error of my ways. Due to their efforts I offer you, the 'heroes', this opprotunity, this chance to hopefully put down Sclos for good.

I look forward to hearing from some of you

-Sabrar, Lord of Shadow and Death
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