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From Octavian

Type of Missve: mass distribution
Date: 11/12/1007
Responses: no
To those that seek my head,

I hear you want me gone for my actions. Somehow I don't believe that would be terribly difficult. And since it would seem no one wanted to take the several oppotunities since then to end my life, and that my reasons don't want to be known, then let me state it here.

You wanted to destroy 1 small evil item. It's only a part of a whole, a whole which has yet to be completed, which neither I nor Spyder would have discovered if what I did had not happened. Right or wrong, I had to make a quick decision and there was no time for a group vote. And be assured, nothing lost cannot be reacquired.

I have gained nothing from this venture: go ahead and use your spells to see if what I am saying is true. I am not a dullard. There is no personal profit in what I did. Not in the long run.

You want me? Then meet me at Feast of Leviathan and kill me there if you are so inclined. It makes no sense to lynch your crew while on the seas when you have so few as it is going into danger. Don't make the mistake of being 1 man down if you need all hands on deck.

Or perhaps you might want me around because I have skill enough and knowledge enough to get us there. But I'm not playing any games. Especially when my primary accusers stood by my side and know exactly why I did what I did and did not stop me. I'm not playing your scape goat.

Tags: Personal Account, Player Character
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