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Garden Tools of the New Year

Type of Missve: mass distribution
Date: 1/1/1007
Responses: no
It's hard not to notice. Our yard's a mess. There are broken tools everywhere, and at least one garden implement that needs attention. It's time to pick them up and lock them in the shed, especially since we don't need to move any more leaves.

But before we can put everything away, some of these tools need to fixed, and others are missing. There's no sense locking everything away for the long winter if there's more rusting equipment laying around. Besides, don't you need a key to turn the lock in the first place?

I think the key's floating in a river somewhere. We just need to fish it out, although we may need to leave something in its place so that it's not missed.

Or maybe the key's fallen into a serpent's nest. That's a little tougher, though I'm sure a few of you understand a few ways to flush them out.

Or perhaps, there are tools right under my nose, that need only the proper perspective to retrieve.

It's very possible that all of these tools will be necessary to make sure the shed's secure, and that we don't lose anything important when we lock it up.

Because if we don't double-check everything, these tools will give us trouble for many, many seasons.

Please, if you have anything to do with the keys we might need to find, let me know. Although I will not be joining you in the field to clean up the remains of this season's blighted harvest, I will do all that I can to make sure that we can put away the tools and prepare the earth once more for sowing life in the spring.

I will pray to Dio to bless your sacred endeavor in cleansing corruption; in this I shall not be ambiguous. May the Silver Child guide your blades and give you the strength to bear your shields against the desperate blows of the impure and unjust.

In Light,
Protector of Silverthorne
Steward of the Twilight Isle
Bad At Mathematical Formulae; Better With Words
Arrow Caddy
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