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Where they are now

Author: Aberes
Date: 1008
For the Unseelie:
King Oberon: Dethroned and destroyed by the combined armies of Fae and the Mortal Realms in May 1007 M.R. Is not in the cycle due to a Fae Ritual done by the New King.
Prince Grindelo: Destroyed by the heroes of the Realms in May of 1002, M.R., shortly after Queen Meg was forced to go under the hill. Note: his 'favors' are still around. Zeek is 'pretty sure' he is back in the cycle, due to Bedlam being opened, but Bright says he was also a Wayland Blade that got 'snapped' at one point... so his fate is really unknown.
Duke Llewelyn: Apparently a Prince at one point, now in a blade.
Duke Trollboy: Ran for King of Chimeron, but was snuffed out of the cycle through Wayland magics. Bright believes he could be back in the cycle.
Lord Sardath Harkon: Unknown what his fate was, but rumored gone missing/into hiding.
Namora: See above.
Puck: now resides in the court of Wayland (Bright says: "as Prince, just like he requested in Rhiassa," 1004 M.R), and acts as Wayland's messenger.
Sir Lucas Harkon: Was forced into a Wayland blade by Robin G's forces(!) once Oberon began his assault on the Goblin Rebellion in 1003 M.R. The blade, Lucas, was snapped in a ritual in 1005 M.R that went horribly wrong. The fate of the soul and sword is unknown.
Kilteer: Wandered off one Fae sunset.
Oliver Zaral: Drunk in Fae somewhere, dreaming about the Houses...
Nakoya GreenSpiral: Went back to sleep until a bigger threat looms over Faerie.

Queen Titania: Destroyed by the heroes of the Realms, combined of Fae and Mortal. Nobody really remembers what happens to her. Bright says she was lost to the Mysts, but she was also mainly taken over by Bois. Zeek says he thinks she may or may not cycle, depending on the words of the Fae Ritual used on Oberon.
Princess Linelle: Bright believes the person to go to about Linelle's fate is Rel Zhirah, the Scarlet Mage in Chimeron.
Duchess Eyebright: Replaced with Viola, Duchess of Foresight. No idea as to who took care of that deed, as technically Eyebright 'should have seen it coming'.
Duchess Chance: Zeek said she died defending Titania, and that he invoked the Mysts to swallow her up, that she may be forgotten about and cycled eventually.
Lady Alana Harkon: Went off with Sardath, M.I.A. Neither participated in the Rites of War.
Sir Lucas Brighthair: Disgusted with mockery of the Unseelie, and the handling of the Seelie, he retreated into the far reaches of Fae as Oberon began his assault on Rhiassa 1004 M.R.
Kinstil: Became part of the Royal House of Chimeron.
Rosemary: Still retains her Peon status, rumored to have been sent off with many young fae to fight in a war she did not agree with.
Iris Rose: With her parents, one would think...

Cassia: Decided to stay with Queen Meg under the hill. Attends the Queen.
Old Tom: Was killed... Bright said it was left open and never really investigated.
Sir Trista/Dame Tristan: With war rumbling around Fae, she picked up her encampment and moved them to a safe haven within the southern lands in the mortal Realms.
Zeek: Became a Magus. Is a rock. Father to a few 'kids' in interesting ways: The One in Dreams who ought not to be named, Jeoffrey, Bouquet, and The Fourth Girl in the Earth. Is in the Royal House of Chimeron. Duke of Siege in the court of Mortals.

- written by my hand, the first month on the eighth day, 1008 M.R.
Governor Sir Aberes of Paradise
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