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Letter 1

Author: unknown
Place/Gathering Discovered: unknown, discovered by Kyomi
Date: unknown
Transcribed by: Ivory Librarians

Know this, children of the Spider-Queen, the lands above were once ours! Cast down into the abyss by the accursed Seldarine and the mewling infants who worship them, our rightful place as rulers was stolen.

Know this, children of the Spider-Queen, the lies they spread amongst themselves. That our Great Mother was the betrayer. That she was the one who pulled us down into the depths. But we all know better than to listen to such lies, for she was betrayed by the one who claimed he loved her best.

We were betrayed, every last one of us, by those who call us kin.

Make them pay for their crimes against us.

Their cities shall burn, corpses left to feaster in the sun. Those that we allow to survive shall be taken and brought down here to the dark.

Then shall they truly know what they have condemned us to, for they shall know no mercy.

Seek out those of Elistraee, and where they breed. And their young, for the driders crave the blood of such children and the draegloths the flesh.

Seek out the Chosen of Elistraee. And what is near to their hearts, their causes, and their loved ones. Break those close to them first, for a Chosen will always try to sacrifice themselves for one they love.

Do not let that happen.

Let them die slowly, broken from their sorrow.

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