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Name: Lloth, the Spider Queen
Domain: Spiders, Chaos, Drow
Symbols: a spider, usually with the head of a female drow
Avatars: none
Plot marshals: Maryanne Bettie, Janna Oakfellow-Pushee
Area of Influence: the Underdark
Lloth is a goddess worshiped by the drow (some myths propose that she was originally a beautiful elven goddess who was transformed into a demon when Corellon threw her down). She displays formidable power and great cruelty with an affection for arachnids. Llolth has, through deceit and domination, garnered the ears of the dark elves and eventually established herself as their foremost deity, keeping them under her thumb by creating a society in which only the strong survive and her priestesses are strongest. Lloth's appearance has remained mostly the same throughout her years, usually appearing in two forms: drow and arachnid. In drow form, the Spider Queen appears as an "exquisitely beautiful" female dark elf, sometimes covered in clinging spiders. In her arachnid form, Lloth takes the appearance of a giant black widow spider with the head of a female drow or human peering
from between the eight spider-eyes.

Lloth has sworn vengeance against Corellon Larethian and his people. Lloth's re-ascension to true godhood has basically secured her place in the Evil domain, but strangely she does not have dominion over vengeance. Lloth opposes at every opportunity the deities of the surface elves, and loathes Corellon with an unparalleled passion. Lloth teaches her children that fear is strength, while love and respect are weakness. She demands that
those drow who will not worship her must be converted or slain. She seeks to kill the weak and reward the strong. Disobedient males and non-drow must be sacrificed to Lloth. Spiders are a holy animal in Lloth's faith, and killing a spider is a cardinal sin. Lloth is so chaotic, however, that her commands are ever-changing and often contradictory, so that those who seek to follow them blindly may meet with destruction.
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