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Letter to the Emperor

Author: unknown
Place/Gathering Discovered: Kelgardian Forest (Twilight Dreaming)
Date: 7/22/1006
Transcribed by: Cain

My Lord Emperor,
There has still been no progress at breaking the statues that we found after raizing the forest. We are fairly sure they represent what was left of the Elven population. Clearly, there is some sort of magic at work. We are looking for any sorcerors who may be responsible so that we may place them under arrest for witchcraft, as per your decree.

As per your instructions, I have begun working on an invasion plans for the Realms which lie east of here. After looking at the maps brought back by our spies in the area, I would like to suggest bypassing the City of Ivory, and performing the river crossing at Charlesford. There is an expanse west of Chimeron, and north of the western Borderlands which does not appear to be claimed by any of the petty states which litter the area. The vast number of ruins in the area suggests that perhaps the area is inhospitible for humans. I am thinking those lands are infested with free goblins or trolls or somesuch. My spies have not reported anything organized enough to offer our legions any serious resistance.

Our spies have not been able to find anyone with knowledge of a city called Kos. They do report a ruin at the location you specified, but the locals refer to it as Monk's Keep. It's possible that its the top of the great spire... but that would imply the whole city has been buried. Excavating a city of that size precludes any sort of smash and grab strategy. Holding and securing Monk's Keep means a prolonged invasion of the Realms.

The primary threat to the operations is Rhiassa. It lies closest to our objective, and their people have a reputation for meddling. It is my opinion that we should take Rhiassa and convert it into our base of operations in the east. Doing so will likely bring the entirety of Chimeron down upon us. Regarding Chimeron, I believe the information you have been given is out of date. Chimeron is no longer ruled by Margarite. Pyr is now King, and he does not seem to be Margarite's equal. Chimeron is a nation whose star is falling fast. They will not pose any serious problem.

The rest of the Realms is just as you describe it. A land filled with petty men who call themselves King, or Emperor of their own particular mound of dirt. Pathetic. Many of the nations you've described still exist, but in name only. Their stars have already fallen. I suspect in a few years, they would be soon be absorbed by their neighbors.

My one word of caution stems from changes in the North. Jarrod is now High King. My spies tell me that he is very involved in affairs outside Folkestone. This is very different than the isolationist warlord I was expecting. I would not have expected the political climate in the Realms to tolerate the presence of a High King, either. Could this be an alliance in name, only? I put the odds of Folkestone actually coming to the assistance of Chimeron at roughly fifty percent.

The areas west and south of the objective are sparsely populated. One legion could probably adequately defend both those quarters. I will need two legions for the north and east, since that is where the majority of the resistance is likely to come from.

I'd like an entire legion as an occupation force. This is overkill for Rhiassa, I know, but it may be just be easier to occupy all of Chimeron. I'd like to keep my options open. Regardless, we cannot invade the Realms until the rebellion in Kelguardia has been ended decisively. Pulling the legions out while there is still dissent is not wise. I agree with you that driving the rebellion through a single location is the best way of eliminating the problem. It will take longer, but I believe it will save time in the long run. Dark Hill will become a monument of death.

There have been recent reports of some sort of disturbance in the ashen remains of the forest, the ---
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