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On Precipice

Type of Missve: mass distribution via couriers and elf-mails
Date: July 1006
Responses: None
(librarian's note: This missive was carefully reproduced and distributed to as many couriers as possible as per instruction in July of 1006)

Brevity is a blessing. Especially so in the shadow of failure. Take it for what you will that I have penned these words with freedom; foregoing much obscurity.

Put aside ponderous theory, for now. Pretend, at least, to forget for a time how very little you respect one and other. Assume that I will tell you nothing further than what is written herein.

There is a bridge. It is sometimes called Precipice. It was built over a thousand years ago by the followers of the Sword Maiden and her servants.
You need it. It can span the distance between your corner of the world and the corner where one of your greatest foes marshals his armies. More importantly you will need to set out across it one day to bring another great conflict to a halt. Beware though, you do not yet have the means to take a battle to this enemy. You will need the bridge. nevertheless.

As you read this Precipice is inaccessible to any mortal. In the terms you will best understand: only a Paladin attuned to and beloved of the Sword Maiden may open the way to Precipice. Or three sworn clerics of her faith which must likewise be so attuned and beloved. It cannot be accomplished save on ground sacred to her.

One holy warrior willing to live and breathe the path of the Sword Maiden, or three who will thereafter teach and uphold her creed as their own. The key, the price, and your first obstacle in resting control of the bridge.

That which tore at me as I wrote this and is finally free to corrupt your minds as you read this was birthed of a liar's oath. A king-that-was promised a blood sacrifice to a god-that-is in exchange for power only to steal back what he had paid after receiving his due. That king, that god and a breach of pact are all your enemies, but only one is a corruption you can stop any time. Don't break your word.


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