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Letters from Leviathan

Author: unknown
Place/Gathering Discovered: Feast of Leviathan 10
Date: 1008
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Letter 1

The old Ledger was found out by our
own Jordan. but he hasn't turned
it over to his superiors. On
this the Monger has assured me.
Do whatever must be done to
recover or destroy it. Rob Him.
Burn his home.
Get it Done

Letter 2

The Counter has overseen the delivery
of the latest of the funds to the Scorpion.
I have seen to the security myself.
Several have concerns about the Mass in
conjunction with the upcoming Feast
Still looking into missing ledger.
Jordan says nothing on it.
(This missive was signed with the futhark rune 'O')

Letter 3

Praise to Almighty Reup. By his design we have come
together to fulfill His wishes. I am sent my Miss
Hannah Moore to report that Jordan's wife was done in
only just hours ago. It is a concern as many that have come to
the feast have been drawn into the matter and Jordan
has at last shown his true colors. He told them everything he
knew! The good Counter's name was uttered and the
Witch is known of now as well.
I am sent to the Scorpion to meet with Miss Moore for
further instructions.

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