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Death Dealer

The Dream Demon known as Death Dealer is one of the more mysterious and unknown. Their (his? I feel like I have heard them referred to as such, but cannot say for sure) appearance and mannerisms are somewhat different than their brethren - their face looks like an amalgamation of miniature human skulls, and they wear dark robes, chains, and a spiky metal glove. They do not speak the common tongue but instead use a series of piercing whistles and finger tapping, a language their fellow Dream Demons seem to understand. The only time I have seen them - and I believe the only time they have been seen - was the 1023 Dream Demon election, in which they won second place and became Soul Taker's second as Dream Demon In Charge. As to their goals and nature, their name is the sole clue - perhaps now we shall see whether they live up to their title as a dealer of death.
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