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Soul Taker

Since the writing of this article the information is no longer accurate.

Soul Taker is a Dream Demon who was made into/his essence was forced into a sword ten years ago.

As of August 1023, he is no longer bound to this sword, and is leader of the dream demons, with Death Dealer as his second and Risk Taker as his third. The previous rules he was affected by when he was a sword no longer influence him. He has also stated he will no longer bother King Cecil, although since he explicitly stated King Cecil and didn't state anyone else, Chimeron and others may still be fair game.

Version 1: Soul Taker is a Dream Demon, and it's in conflict whether he or The Champion were the Avatar to Dionin. Depending on when you read this, the name may sound familiar to you. This is because King Alexander Cecil of Chimeron wields a sword with the same name. This is not a coincidence, for in dealing with Soul Taker ten years ago the demon was made into the sword or his essence was forced into it.

Every event the sword is at with King Cecil, it must be fed a soul. King Cecil keeps it in check by feeding it his, and with a soul call his soul is brought back. This measure has held, but it is unsure for how much longer.
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