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June '89 Glendale Registration

!!! Attention !!!

Anyone who is planning on competing for the title of Duke of Glenndale should notify
us of their intent by the first of July. It is not required that you tell us, but if
you are already certain you will compete, we would appreciate a little advance
notification. Thank you. The schedule of activities for the Duke of Glenndale event follows.

Day 1
9 Site opens, Tax collection, and admin
10 Weapons inspection and qualification
10:30 Battles for Silver
11 Tavern Opens
11:30 Reading of the Rules, schedules.
12 The warring continues
7:30 The feast of plenty
8:30 Fireside talk, storytelling/bardic competitions

Day 2
9:30 Tavern serves breakfast
10 Archery and Axe throwing competitions
10-3 Wars grind to a close
3 Feasting, Awards, and auction
7:30-8:30 Site closes

To compete for the title of Duke of Glenndale, you must meet the following conditions:
you must have a banner and matching surcoats for at least four supporters. If you wish
to fight but have no lord you may hire out a mercenary.

There will be seven types of battles that may be going on at any given time. There will be:
1) Bridge Battle
2) Field Battle
3) Fort Battle
4) One-Person Tourney
5) Pairs Tourney
6) Capture the Flag
7) Evasion/Capture

The cost of this two-day event is $25.00. At the door is $35.00 If you wish to
pay a deposit and the balance at the door, the cost is 15.00. We thank you.

[PVCC fighting practice will be held every Saturday from noon until 3 p.m. on the
Amhearst town common. For further info, contact Lance Hunter.
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