Realms Timeline

1017 M.R.
January: Feast of Leviathan: Aryss became a Knight of Blackwood, and a Page for the Order of the Peacock.

February -
March -
April -
May - Unusual events tend to happen the day after a feast in Chimeron, and this year was no exception! The Winds of Change caused the border between Fae and Chimeron to become softer than usual, and caused a bit of chaos. Among many other things, we have reports of a diamond heist at an underground speakeasy, critical pushes into the Risen Kingdomís operations in Chimeronís network of caverns, some disjointed skirmishes with the Misty Hand, desecration and re-sanctification of local shrines to Gods of the Realms, a multitude of strange happenings involving the jumbled soft spots between Chimeron and Fae, a daring Skrunk hunt, a town that has been consumed by lycanthropy and vampirism, and a major change in the Fae Wildes as Lord Goldmist regained his sanity and his tie to the Seam of Dreams was severed. The Winds have since died down, but who knows when trouble will begin blowing again?

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The author wishes to note that there are many definitions across the races and ages of 'time' and the naming of it. The Third Age, Year of the Dragon, and so forth. As this is being put together by a conglomeration of races and people that live (or lived) here in these Realms as of now, M.R. (a Mortal's Reckoning) is the abbreviation being used. - Sir Iawen Penn
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