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Unto the people the Realms and the followers of gods,

Let it be known that Garm, the enforcer of the gods, has declared war on everyone who worships a god. He is doing this because the pantheon of the greater gods is not in balance, which can lead to the end times. His demands are the nations of the Realms are to kill one of the gods within pantheon and make the worship of the god illegal and enforced. This is an extremely sensitive topic and is not a simple matter to kill a god and make their worship illegal. The timing of this issue is also extremely worrisome, as weakening or killing off any god of the Realms right now could allow a god from beyond the stars, also known as the Others, to take the dead godís spot and lead to the destruction of the Realms.

To Garm,

I wish that you had one of your knights speak to the Realms with a diplomatic solution to this matter rather than declaring war on innocent people and trying to raze a temple to Justari in Darkvale. Your demands have been heard clearly and I ask you call off your knights and accept an armistice. We need to work together to fight against the Others and I do not wish to destroy any more of your death knights. If you attack any more innocents and churches to gods you will not be forgiven. I am giving you the chance to have your demands met.

I would like to host a Godís Moot at Black and White to discuss this issue. I am requesting a representative of each god from the pantheon of the greater gods to be present for this meeting.

Laika eníNaur

Paladin of Aurora
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