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The War with the Champion

The War with The Champion

Where to start? How about the beginning. Long before my time within the Realms there was a Goddess of Hope and her avatar child, and all was good. The Light had become strong and the Darkness had been pushed into hiding. Its was at this time that one had proven himself to be the pinnacle of faith and devotion to the Goddess and due to this she granted him a gift. Unto King James she gifted a sword of great power, however, it was his quest to recover it. So King James went off in search of this item of power in the name of his gracious Goddess. In searching for this blade the King found himself trespassing into the lands of Gaol and discovered that the blades resting place was within the vast hordes of an ancient wyrm, the Lord of Gaol, Strathmore. Before long the King found himself in heated battle with the beast, and only after managing to get his hands upon the holy blade was he able to defeat the Dragon. Now that the quest had been completed King James returned to his Kingdom in Coventry and created the Knights of the Crown as defenders of his Lands and protectors of the blade. Many years passed and the kingdom became a beacon of Light and a place of great faith for the Goddess Aurora.

In the shadows the darkness strayed, planned and plotted, and on one dreadful day, Soultaker, struck and killed the King. This left the Kingdom in turmoil, years passed and eventually Alcar Mortrass from Croatia found himself taking the throne in the lost king’s stead. It was about this time that we learned more about the darkness and those responsible for the death of King James. It seems that a demon by the name of Soultaker, avatar of the God of Death, Dionin, was responsible for the death of the late king. This vile creature worked along side and even more vile being known as The Champion. Very little is known about The Champions origin, but it is known that he is the spawn of the mighty Strathmore, Avatar of Rawonam, and Minvera, Goddess of Dreams - making him half dream demon and half dragon. It is also known that he is the father of a dream demon, which goes by the name The Dream Demon. The Champion takes pleasure in twisting good men into monsters; toying with them and making them believe they are on the edge of success when they are truly on the brink of utter failure. This demon is also known for other actions such as adding the twisting to the lands of Darkvale and allowing this curse to effect the Apis while taking the form of Harrappa, making the Aspis-fey, and convincing Morgan Mortrass into impaling Dionin with the sword of kings while taking the form of Rorshak. Once Dionin was impaled with the sword of kings, he was no longer able to assert his will and therefore his avatar, Soultaker and The Champion had unrestricted access to god-like power.

As time passed The Champion found himself infatuated with Dalindana, the daughter of Aurora. Dalindana had just named her four greatest disciples and granted them the honor as serving in Aurora’s first order of angels, The Silver Legion. She then was approached by the demon who asked for her hand in marriage, and quickly responded with a ‘No’. The Champion having been spurned set out on his old tricks and kidnapped Dalindana, using her as bait to corrupt the new angels. He was successfully able to corrupt on of the Angels named Matthew, who with his devilbane mace struck down and destroyed the Avatar of the Light in a single blow. In this single moment the light lost not only an avatar, but an entire order of angels. Matthew, after destroying the person he loved the most, spiraled into the darkness soon becoming the Demon of Corruption. The other angels sought out to avenge the avatar. Two ventured into Gaol to find the The Champion and destroy him. These men became some of the greatest demon-hunters ever to fight in Aurora’s name. However, before long they found themselves being twisted and corrupted in the same manner as Matthew and they too became demons and served The Champion. If I am not mistake these two were destroyed years later when adventurers of the Realms ventured to Gaol on a demon hunt at the gathering known as 'Three Strikes'. There has been no record of what happened to the last and only female angel from the original Silver Legion, but it is the belief of some that she too happened to fall to the Darkness after Dalindana’s death.

Again years passed, and new heroes of the Light stepped forward, often finding themselves at odds with the demon that nearly destroyed their faith years before. At least there came a time for the Light to find justice for the evils that had been done in the past. It was around this time that I, out of faith and dedication to my friends, that I entered into a geas with the Demon of Corruption, and vowed that I would find a way to redeem him, and should I fail I would take his place as the Demon of Corruption. Faith and friendship guided me and my friends to a meeting at Randal’s Tower in the Southern Wastes. It was that night that Randal, being a time-mage, allowed us to see the history of the Demon of Corruption and find a way of redeeming him. Although plans had been made, that night I was struck with deja vu and with said, an epiphany as how to not only save the fallen Angel, but also restore the Avatar of the Goddess of Light, Dalindana. We were able to determine that in order to redeem Matthew we would have to help him complete the task he failed to complete before his falling, and that task was to restore the Avatar. As we watched the echos of the past we were able to get our hands on gifts that the Child of Light had bestowed unto her first Angels. To the men she offered rings of her bone and unto the one lady a brooch made from her soul. With these peaces we were able to recreate Dalindana’s body and use the brooch to call her soul. This was my greatest accomplishment while adventuring in the Realms. It was on that day that my faith was renewed, the fallen angel, Matthew Alexander Tobias, was redeemed, and the Dalindana, Avatar daughter of Aurora was restored. That night Dalindana re-strengthened the Knights of the Crown by naming Matthew as Knight Commander and taking many of the faithfuls as squires.

Time passed and the heroes of the Realms found themselves with an opportunity to undo more of the evils done by The Champion. Venturing into Darkvale we were able to cleanse the land of the twisting cursed upon the lands by The Champion, and I took over as Lord as we reclaimed the lands in the name of Chimeron. However, during that quest the death cultists of Dionin were able to sneak into his tomb, and remove the Sword of Kings from the impaled king, allowing him to take his rightful place within the pantheon.

That about brings us up to the present in this war. Now The Champion is amassing an army to march upon the Kingdom of Coventry and snuff out the light for once and all. We cannot let this vile creature follow through with his plans, and we should take this opportunity to destroy him. Gideon of Ivory, named Prince of Coventry, has been tasked with defending the citizens of Coventry, and I would like to ask all that can to come and help us ensure that the innocent people of Coventry do not suffer whatever fate The Champion has in store for them.

Written in faith,

Lord Sir Chan Ottokar of Darkvale
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