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Author: unknown
Place/Gathering Discovered: Dionin's tomb, It Began with a Sword
Date: 7/20/1007
Transcribed by: Faelinn Shadowmoon
In the beginning, there was darkness and light. The darkness faded in the glory of the light as time went on. Ages passed until once, in the Fury of anger, a group of clerics felt justified to call upon the unknown: the darkness of the beginning. The darkness of the end.

The skies awoke in holy anger, raining fire and ice upon innocent and guilty alike. Entrapped souls were loosed from their ageless prisons, and fed the engergy unleashed from the other place.

Some chose to embrace this new Age and become shadow warriors of bone and metal. Rampant, they roamed the lands until death outlasted life. Those who became mighty in the ways of the shadow warrior rose to a new level, or to some...sank to a new depth. Terrorizing even their own armies, these...creatures...unholy in their very essence, enslaved human survivors to pen this tome, in an effort to forever captive their glory in the human world. In case of a resurgence of light, always waiting in the horizon to recapture a place in the minds once again.

The enslaved worked diligently, encouraged by acts of torture and inhumanly poisoned creatures. As the dark world grew content, pockets of resistance were fed within the mountains.

A small coven of light followers were able to band together and seize the Tome in a brave onslaught, using its own powers to fade back the darkness and embrace the light once more. The details are known by only a few and follow in the language of the wise and foolhardy...
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