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Changes in the Church -1010

This article is based on a Conversation held between Laika en'Naur and Faelinn Shadowmoon after Faelinn became High Priestess, December 16, 1010.

"This may come at no surprise, I wish to gain or work towards the rank
of priest in the church. I have requested this several times in the
past to Cain, however he has the habit of never responding to
anything that doesn't piqué his interrest. I am still confused about
the standing of the new and old churches, as I have not been informed
into the full details of the meeting from this weekend."


A new priest (or priestess) has not been formally instructed since the death of Kethrellen the Red in 999 and the declaration of Cain LaDarius as High Priest of Aurora.

In the time since Kethrellen's death, Cain has taken on many students and some few acolytes to train but through his own admission, had failed to properly train someone in the ways of the priesthood. I was never declared formally by my mentor as a priestess of Aurora, it was a title I granted to myself. As to attaining the title of High Priestess, that was granted to me by the gathered members of the faith at the behest of the Goddess to choose one.

If you truly wish to embark on this journey of faith, I will help you as much as I can. Know that the only true attaining of the title is through acceptance through the faithful in your duties. At the very least, I hope to garner a higher understanding of our faith to the faithful.

At the meeting, as one who was taught both the old ways and new, I declared that there is no "old" and "new" Church of Aurora..merely one church made up of those who serve the goddess. The differenece between the two was mainly methodology and some's desire to banish different arcane practices. What they were? I don't know. Those teachings have been lost to time.

If you want to start this path, read the documents on the Library of Ivory. Read them carefully. Disregard who wrote them, because it is the knowledge that matters.

Your next task is to write all the questions you have about them."


"Is the only official pantheon recognized by the church include Aurora,
Gaia, Luna, and the Gray Man?"

"No. We recognize the so called "Pantheon of the Greater Gods" (OOC: the greater Rantheon or Randy's gods plus a few). Antioch, Chronos, Gaia, Dionin, Rexan Rawonam, Arius, Vandor, Luna...I could go on. In general think of the "major gods". There are the elven gods, small gods and some regional gods that I really don't pay a mind to because they are either so specific or outside the purview of the greater Realm. If you'd like a list, I can write one up later."

"I understand the pantheonic law, in my understanding, they are created
to prevent the destruction of the world, why does the balance of the
world come above preventing destruction, strife, wars and evil to live
and grow?"

"It all comes down to one thing: free will of the mortals."

"What is our current standing vs. darklore?"

"In the end they also believe it will come down between the Light and the Dark. If our goals are common, I have been known to help people like Jaha or Chakra or even Rev. I don't go out of my way to help them, except for the Order of the Revenent. Then I do so because it further divides Darklore and the Revenents. For now, we let them lie unless something egregious happens. We have larger things that want to kill and consume us currently."

"If there is an artifact of aurora in the hands of a non-worshipper do
we let it slide in most situations, do we firmly ask them to return
them to the church or in drastic situations take them back by force?"

"This is a tricky thing. There aren't many artifacts that aren't in Auroran hands. Most that aren't are with people who are "on our side". If they too serve the good gods and are allies, let it lie. Fighting with O'Quinlinn about a tear is a lost cause and something that is not worth the hastle. We use force only as a last resort and then it needs to be something big."

"How come Aurora lets heretics like the silver dawn tap into her power
without her directly smiting them for desecrating her name? I
understand that it could be an evil power disguising itself but even
shadow Aurorans get her power."

"The Silver Dawn is/was a special case. They were shards meant to be overcome and act as challenges to the faithful. I released them as a consequence of asking Aurora to destroy a large evil artifact. They do not tap Aurora's power. In fact, they seek to destroy all worshipers of Aurora."

Something to remember: Those who fall to Shadow may have lost faith in the Lady, but she has not lost faith in them. Aurora allows those with a crisis of faith to fallen in the hope that they will be confronted with their actions and seek redemption. It all goes back to second chances."

"If Aurora's 4 aspects are Light, Hope, Purity, and Faith, does the
other 4 points on the 8 pointed star represent anything?"

"The four aspects correspond to the four "lines" when drawing the star, not the points."

"I think that is all for now. I really think you should publish your
prayer book for the church, everyone worships her in thier own way but
keeping a standard ritual/incantation for things like the rites of
concencration is a good thing."

"I don't actually have a prayer book. I pretty much wing it every time. :) If you do something often enough those it becomes habit."
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