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...and other notes

These notes were found near a pile of books in Chimeron. It is not clear who the two conversationalists are. - Iawen

The Five Ladies? One of the three or four biggest religions, I'd say.
Tell me about how it got started?
How so? It is the religion of the lands Nero came from... they are all balance/change/etc. goddesses.
Explain? Start from the beginning.
Nero was an odd figure... still is. Originally, he wanted to be a noble, wanted power. In time, he realized that wasn't for him. He became a hero type, and began to think more about his religion. The church started to spread because of a quest, a divine intervention... Nero was told to build a temple in Teng Hua. It made him think the goddesses wanted the religion to spread. So he became a Pope, basically, and started to spread the word. The religion's history is all pre-Realms stuff, as you know it now, way before the last thirty years. At first, Nero was... well, he was nuts, so he only worshiped Diskordia and Eris.
Eris, wow...And what else?
The five goddesses are... Xaos - goddess of void, Eris - goddess of strife/struggle, Diskordia - chaos, madness, etc., Tyche/Fortuna (aka Tymora) - fortune, fate, luck, Luna - the moon, purity. I think there are people out there who worship all of them, still.
Hmm... what has happened to the religion in the Realms?
That's what I meant. a few people worship each of them: Rebel, Matthew, and a few others worship Tyche/Fortuna/Tymora.
Quazar is still priestess of Eris, I think. Muggles is gone, but he's still High Priest of Void. It was starting to get big before I pretty much left, since then it has faded. There are still churches in many nations. Technically, Nero isn't the Hierophant anymore, because he's... well, screwed. So his daughter, Hope, is technically in charge. but she's young... I am not very good at distilling such a big subject, sorry.

No need to apologize; I asked for details. Screwed, you say? How?
He read a scroll he shouldn't have. Now he is cursed, sort of. He doesn't move through time normally. His timeline isn't the same as everyone else's;he either freezes in time relative to them, or speeds past them. Start-stop-start-stop, not a gentle flow whatsoever.
Nero has been through a lot.
I love his story;very complicated and rich.
The master wishes his quill back; I need to end this.
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