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Treaty of Eagle's Rook 1017

On April 8th 1017, during the Feast of Eagle's Rook a treaty was signed into law to insure a lasting peace between the 4 nations of Avendroth. With the Realms as a Neutral arbiter a Council of Peace was established to instill a representative democracy and protect and renegotiate the treaty as needed. The Nation of Invictus, which the portal into Avendroth is found in, agreed to the terms to defend this treaty and to garrison the portal in the realms.

The Treaty states:

Treaty of Eagle's Rook 1017
Put forth in this document is an agreement to establish peace with the people of Avendroth; and its nations. This treaty is effective immediately after a unanimous agreement of all parties is reached and will last until such a time that a majority of the group of representatives have formally agreed to end the treaty. Any changes to this treaty may be re-negotiated with the council of arbitration which will be held yearly at Feast of Eagle’s Rook, or at a place and time agreed upon by all parties.

The parties described in this document are as follows:

Representative of the Agronah

Name: Kai

Representative of the Bray


Representative of the Changelings

Name: Executor Gamon

Representative of the Free Folk

Name: Representative Gearhart

Representative of the Nation of Invictus

Name: Imperator Shandar Silverstorm

Blood and ink are acceptable signing materials

All hereby parties agree to a non-aggression and peace treaty of Eagle’s Rook 1017. All parties are subject to follow all terms and conditions in this document. Any disputes to this document shall be made by the council of arbitration.

This treaty is contained in full on this page, the Trade Negotiations page, the Council of Peace page, and the treaty of Eagle's Rook 1017.

Treaty of Eagle's Rook 1017
Terms and Conditions
The people of Avendroth, hereby agree to a non-aggression and peace treaty. No acts of war or aggression (except in self defense) shall be taken upon any of the agreed to parties. All parties should wish to ensure peace. All issues should be handled diplomatically. If a party knowingly breaks this treaty the Council of Arbitration may choose to sanction (trade penalties) or declare war on the party who will not follow on the agreed upon terms if peace cannot be achieved diplomatically. If peace cannot be established this treaty is null and void.


Council of Peace

The Council of Peace is a meeting of the 5 parties agreed to in this treaty, which will meet to discuss issues, agree to addendums, and re-negotiate the treaty as needed. Each party will elect their own representative to the council, which will sit on the council for one year, which ends each Feast of Eagle's Rook annually. Each party may choose to re-elect their representative or vote to change their representative at that time.

In the event a representative can no longer serve their term, that party may hold an emergency election to fill that position. All five members of the council must be present for any vote.

Any addendum or re-negotiation must pass a majority vote to pass, all representatives are given one vote and all votes are weighted equally. In the case of a tie the vote does not pass.

Trade Negotiations

Below are a list of approved trade between the nations of Avendroth and the people of the Realms.

-No weapons in trade. Common good and tools are fine as long as they are used for their intended purpose.

-Other items will be allowed to pass between the Realms and Avendroth as long as they do not violate the laws of Invictus, the Laws of Avendroth, or are voted to be illegal by the Council of Peace.

To see a copy of the original edited document please see:

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